Deadly Electric has arrived

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The new Midnight Brown album "Deadly Electric" is now available for download from the band's website. 

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But yes, this is freaking awesome!

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Can you tell that I'm pretty excited for this 

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Awesomesauce. Downloading now. I love midnight brown's music.

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why not

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Best news i've had all day.

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I'll download it later so I wont crash Jeff's website.

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I am currently a little bit into the second song and liking it. DOPE

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I dunno why I am downloading this. But I am.

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I was getting a blank page for some reason, had to view the source code to get the download link.
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Three tracks in.  Simply awesome.

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*drools . . . . . 
At last, my Midnight Brown collection is complete!

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Haha. As expected, terrible. Sorry Jeff.
EDIT: Although, the LCD Soundsystem homage thing is clever.

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Awesome! Thanks man.
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I shed a tear.

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Oh god I just got to Cop Knife...can't stop laughing...must.breathe....
Otherwise, YAY. I'll have to update my MB cd I keep in the car.  ^_^

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Hell yeah!  Going to listen to now!

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I'm way into "where were you on the night that your conscience caught up to you?" and "Summer Angst". And of course, Cop Knife.

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That was my first MB experience and also my last. 

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Cop Knife hurts my ears haha 
I think the standouts are "Submarine Club"  "Summer Of Angst" and "24Open" 

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Got it. Sweet.

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Roll them shakers will be stuck in my head for the rest of the week.
God bless you, Gerstmann.

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Saw the update on Jeff's twitter.  I had 7 of the songs already, but can't remember how I got them.  It's good to finally see the album finished.

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I love the music, but sometimes the singing can get in the way of the awesome beats and flow of the songs. Even so still great for people doing this just for fun.  
Keep em comin Jeff!!!

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Good shit

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@DRE7777:  I always kinda thought that was the point, i always looked at MB as a parody rap group, and the "busy-ness" of the vocals is a parody of  how overwhelming rap music can be with all the crazy vocal overlays, phasing sounds, airhorns,  and people in the back going "YEAH YEAH BOYYYY!!!" .
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@Jeff said:
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Not getting whipped up in the "EVERYTHING GB STAFF DO IS THE AWESOMEST EVER" frenzy, but 2 tracks in, and this is not bad. Top work gents!

#34 Posted by timelessthee (46 posts) -

It's awesome.

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I did not know that Jeff's voice could go that high in Knives & Hot Dust.
Loving the album.

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Hate to be that asshole, but i don't dig it. Not saying its bad, just not my style.

#37 Posted by MementoMori (194 posts) -

roll em woah woah

#38 Posted by mracoon (5087 posts) -
@pornstorestiffi said:
" Hate to be that asshole, but i don't dig it. Not saying its bad, just not my style. "
Me too. I love Jeff's writing but this just isn't my thing.
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I remember listening to Midnight Brown and playing Halo 3 forge.... this should bring back some memories.
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@Jeff: Yep, that's a cop knife alright. 
I got the zip folder...and then it didn't want to open, as it said that the folder was corrupted. 
Jeff, you trying to plant viruses on the interwebz?!
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@Phished0ne: No, I completely agree with that. Its not that the vocals are in bad in the way you are saying, its just that there is something a tiny bit off about the key or pitch or something of the vocals in some songs. But its not like Jeff and the other dude (forget his name haha) are professional singers so its to be expected. Obviously sometimes its on purpose though like at the end of War Without A World. I guess all I'm saying is if the singing was just a tad better people would def buy it if they sold it. I would already buy it as is I'm more talking about people that don't know anything about Jeff or Giant Bomb.
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This is a great day for music.
Amazing Win Midnight Brown!

#43 Posted by Phished0ne (2665 posts) -
@DRE7777:  yeah i hear you there, i swear if  they cheated and auto-tuned a lot more, they could be a Owl-City style pop duo..lolololololo
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Submarine Club is giving me some urges to play Deep Sea Tycoon

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I've been listening to MB a lot lately, so this is perfect. This one feels a lot more consistent than previous albums, going heavy on the electronica, I like it!

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@DRE7777 said: But its not like Jeff and the other dude (forget his name haha)
I know Jeff is the mastermind behind Midnight Brown but props also must go to the President of the Mall himself Chris.
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@Lights_Up_The_Shaft: Aah yes, Chris thats right haha.
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Can someone explain to me what or who Midnight Brown is? Is Jeff really in a band? REALLY?

#49 Posted by Milkman (18002 posts) -
@illmatic19 said:
" Can someone explain to me what or who Midnight Brown is? Is Jeff really in a band? REALLY? "
Yes. He is.
#50 Posted by MattyFTM (14635 posts) -
@illmatic19 said:
" Can someone explain to me what or who Midnight Brown is? Is Jeff really in a band? REALLY? "
Yes, Jeff is in a band. It is called midnight brown. They have released four albums, all available for download from . The latest album is called Deadly Electric and was released today.
That pretty much sums everything up - now go listen!!!!

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