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Johann Sebastian Joust started as a wiimote prototype that was later shown off at the 2011 Nordic Game Jam, where the game was awarded the "Audience Award".

The game currently uses the PlayStation Move controller. Players try to force their opponents to move their controllers enough to set them off while still trying to keep their own controller still and protected from the others.

The game doesn’t really have any specific rules as it is mainly a party game and the goal is to simply be the last person standing.

The game is inspired by an old Danish children's game "Vælte Dine Kammerater."

One of the competitive multiplayer indie games in the Sportsfriends collection.

Game Modes

The following are all the known game modes of J.S. Joust. Several were debuted at PAX Prime 2012 by the games creator, Douglas Wilson.

Free For All: The standard game uses six controllers and six players in a last man standing mode

Teams: Using eighteen controller, players are split into three teams of six, the team left standing wins.

Traitor: The same as teams, except every team has one traitor. The traitor can not win with his team and visa verse. At the beginning of each round, one controller on each team will secretly rumble. That person is the traitor. If multiple members of the same team are left at the end of the game with a traitor, the game does not end until either the traitor is eliminated or is the last person standing.

Two/Three Headed Teams. The same as the team game but each controller is held onto by multiple people. The largest game of this can hold up to 54 people.

Darkness. Played in the dark, the only light available is from the balls on top of the move controller. Some balls will randomly shut off, giving that player temporary "invisibility." Can be played free for all or in teams.

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