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Before he became a professional wrestler, he attended the University Of California studying film and geography. After deciding he didn't want to pursue any of those jobs he attended the Supreme Pro Wrestling school and tried out for the third season of WWE Tough Enough in 2002, becoming the co-winner with Matt Cappotelli. He made his television debut on the March 1'st edition of Raw as Eric Bischoff's assistant (and changing his last name constantly, until he stuck with Nitro) until he lost a loser leaves Raw match to Eugene and going back to Ohio Valley Wrestling for training. When he came back on television he was a part of MNM and won the WWE Tag Title's multiple times. He had a feud with Jeff Hardy over the Intercontinental Title after hw won it from Shelton Benjamin and they swicthed it between themselves. He was then drafted to ECW at the 2007 WWE Draft  and won the ECW Championship in his first match when he substituted for Chris Benoit. He then changed his name to John Morrison and became more cocky. When he lost the title to CM Punk he teamed up with The Miz to win the WWE Tag Team Championship from Matt Hardy and MVP. They held the title's for almost a year before losing it to Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. John Morrison and The Miz were then in a feud with Cryme Tyme where they constantly badmouthed each other on their respective internet shows.
In the 2009 WWE Draft, The Miz was drafted to Raw and Morrison to Smackdown!, thus ending the tag team.  Despite spending nearly all of his career as a villain, Morrison has recently become a fan favorite on Smackdown!, even defeating Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental title.


As Johnny Nitro

- A-Lister

As John Morrison

- The Tuesday Night Delight
- The Friday Night Delight
- The Shaman Of Sexy

Finishing Moves

- Starship Pain
- Hangman's Neckbreaker
- Moonlight Drive

Title Reigns

ECW Championship

6/25/07 - Defeated CM Punk at Vengeance
9/1/07 - Lost to CM Punk on ECW

Intercontinental Championship

6/25/06 - Defeated Shelton Benjamin (C) and Carlito at Vengeance
10/2/06 - Lost to Jeff Hardy on Raw

11/6/06 - Won from Jeff Hardy on Raw  
11/13/06 - Lost to Jeff Hardy on Raw

WWE Tag Team Championship

4/21/05 - w/Joey Mercury defeated Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio on Smackdown
7/25/05 - lost to Animal andHeidenreich on Smackdown

10/28/05 - w/Joey Mercury defeated Animal and Heidenreich on Smackdown
12/16/05 - lost to Rey Mysterio and Batista on Smackdown

12/30/05 - w/Joey Mercury defeated Rey Mysterio and Batista on Smackdown
5/21/06 - lost to Paul London and Brian Kendrick at Judgment Day

11/16/07 - w/The Miz defeated MVP and Matt Hardy on Smackdown
7/20/08 - lost to Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder (Match also featured Finlay and Hornswoggle,and Jesse and Festus) at the Great American Bash.

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