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This is an item made to jump higher than what we can normally jump, this item / power up is usually limited

Unreal series

In Unreal and its mission pack the item once acquired depletes itself with the time and have three jumps, in the game there is also an equivalent but with unlimited jumps called super jump boots it also allows to reduce the failing damage
In Unreal tournament  the weapon doesn't depletes over time, but it can't be deactivated when we jump we use them until we deplete them, the finish to be completely depleted once we hit a third time the ground or something. it also receives the name of Antigrav boots
UT3 the jump boots disappeared from UT in UT200X to come back again, this time they are activated through a double jump, we can jump normally and only a "double jump" activate them


In Blood they they are usually limited overtime once activated we can run faster and jump higher until they are depleted. We can jump as much as we want once they are activated.

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