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Unreal Tournament 3 is a futuristic arena-based first-person shooter developed by Epic Games and published by Midway for the PC on December 10, 2007 (and later for the PlayStation 3 on December 11, 2007 and Xbox 360 on July 7, 2008). Unreal Tournament 3 brings the multiplayer-focused franchise to Unreal Engine 3 while featuring a story-based single-player campaign (in which the player fills the shoes of Reaper, one of the remaining few survivors of a colony world attacked by the Necris, in his quest for revenge), a grittier art style (reminiscent of the Gears of War franchise), a new 1-on-1 Deathmatch mode with a queuing system (for multiple players), and an enhanced version of Unreal Tournament 2004's Onslaught mode (called Warfare mode).

Game Modes


Kill as many players as possible until a time limit or kill limit is reached.

Team Deathmatch

Kill as many players as possible until a time limit or kill limit is reached. All the players are divided into two teams. Kills from each player are added together for a team score.

Capture the Flag

A team based mode where one team needs to take the opposing flag and return it to their home base. This mode features the Translocator, which allows you to teleport around the map.

Vehicle Capture the Flag

The same mode as Capture the Flag, but with vehicles. You will have a Hoverboard, instead of the Translocator, in this game mode.


A One vs. One mode. A group of players enter a queue and are matched up against each other. The winner remains in the game for the next round but the loser is moved back to the end of the queue.


Formerly known as Onslaught.

Two teams are set into a map with the mission to capture nodes spread across the map. This mode includes vehicles, and is won by linking all the required nodes together, to destroy the opposing team's core. Should the time limit run out, the game will be taken into "Overtime", where both cores drain health at a rate depending on the amount of nodes that are controlled. Warfare also features nodes which do not need to be linked, but can be captured to bring in extra vehicles for the team or damage the enemy's core without having to link to it. One of the new things they added from the previous Onslaught mode is the Orb. Each team have a orb which can be picked up by a player. When a player carrying the orb is near one of his own power nodes, the node becomes invulnerable. If a player carrying the orb is walking into a contested or enemy controlled power node, that node will instantly be captured. If the player carrying the orb gets killed, the orb will be dropped on the ground and will stay there untill either; a player from the same team picks it up, a player from the opposing team sacrifices him/herself to get rid of the orb, or the time limit passes so the orb despawns. Most Warfare maps are played on gigantic and gorgeous outdoor terrains.


Added in The Titan Pack.

Players collect skulls dropped by defeated players. Players will then take these collected skulls and turn them in on a platform inside the enemy's base. Scoring 1 point for each skull turned in. The player is instantly teleported back to their own base after scoring. There are three kinds of skulls: Silver is worth 1 point, Gold is worth 5 points, and Red is worth 20 points.

Greed can be played on all Capture the Flag and Vehicle Capture the Flag maps.


Added in The Titan Pack.

Betrayal is basically Deathmatch with instagib rifles, however, there will be a period of time, where 2 random players will team-up to kill as many as possible (there can be multiple teams at the same time). These players' kills will be thrown into a pot, and the person who betray a team member first, will get this pot added to their score. If you'll wait a long time before you betray your teammate, the pot will be bigger, but also increasing the chance of being betrayed yourself. If you get Betrayed, you can get Retribution by killing the player who betrayed you, and by doing that scoring the points he stole from you. The Instagib Rifle has two firing modes: primary fire will let you kill neutral players with a red beam, while the secondary fire will be able to betray your teammates with a blue beam.


TranslocatorThis weapon is only available in Capture the Flag. It allows you to teleport to any location that's wide enough where the indicator lands. It's great for moving across large maps, and dodging enemy fire. However, if you are carrying the flag, you will drop it when you teleport.

Can also be used to telefrag enemies.
Impact HammerThis is considered a last resort, and must be in close proximity to an opponent for it to work. It must be charged up, before it releases several hundred metric tons of pressure, resulting in their body exploding, but only unarmored targets can be killed in one blast.
Impact Hammer
EnforcerA basic sidearm. It carries limited ammo but deals considerable damage at a decent rate of fire, but with fair inaccuracy. However, another Enforcer can be picked up and duel wielded, which provides twice the rate of fire making it a very effective mid-range weapon.
Bio RifleThe Bio Rifle can disperse blobs of toxic sludge which can stick to any surface, including enemies, and can corrode flesh within seconds. It can be charged up to fire a bigger and therefore more deadly blob of goo.
ASMD Shock RifleThe Shock Rifle is a staple in the Unreal series. It can fire instant hit beams from a very long distance with a large ammo capacity which makes it great for sniping. It can also fire large, but deadly, slow moving plasma balls. Both can be combined to create a deadly blast known as the "Shock Combo", which has a large splash radius and can kill most enemies with one hit
Shock Rifle
Pulse GunA very effective offensive and defensive tool. It can fire fast moving plasma projectiles which deal fair amounts of damage. It can also fire a medium-range continuous stream of plasma which can disintegrate targets within seconds with a steady aim. This can also be used to heal friendly vehicles and build and repair nodes on Warfare and Vehicle Capture the Flag maps. If two teammates are standing near each other with the Link Gun equipped, they will both receive a damage bonus, indicated by the crosshair turning yellow and a small yellow beam between the guns.
Link Gun
Stinger MinigunRather than the conventional Minigun, the Stinger Minigun is powered by Tarydium crystal. It provides a fast rate of fire, great for most situations and is fairly accurate. It's secondary fire shoots chunks of crystal, which are slower moving, but offer pinpoint accuracy and can push and briefly stun an enemy's movement. It will also pin corpses to walls.
Stinger Minigun
Flak CannonThe Flak Cannon, considered a favorite amongst many, is ideal for short range assaults and clearing out rooms with it's burst of red-hot shrapnel which can bounce of most surfaces multiple times. Its alternate fire will launch a shell in a fairly long arc, which will explode with a large splash radius and hurl out remaining shrapnel. Any opponent who catches the full whack of it, will ideally receive the same amount of damage as if he was hit by all the shrapnel from a burst shot, which is a lot.
Flak Cannon
Rocket LauncherUnlike your slandered Rocket Launcher, this can hold up to three rockets to be launched simultaneously and has multiple firing modes. It can launch its rockets in linear spread, or a tight spiral; great for taking out heavily armored targets. It can also fire its rockets as grenades, bouncing multiple times before they detonate, they also detonate on impact. The rockets can also lock onto any threat, if the wielder keeps a steady aim over it for a short period of time. The Rocket Launcher is indeed a versatile weapon, suitable for many situations and can cause a huge amount of damage.
Rocket Launcher
Sniper RifleThe Sniper Rifle is best at long-distances, but is also deadly in close combat by a skilled player. The primary fire shoot standard projectiles, while you can zoom-in with the secondary fire. You can manually choose how much it will zoom. One shot to the head will kill the victim instant, if that victim doesn't wear the helmet or shield belt.
Sniper Rifle
AVRiLThe Longbow AVRiL (Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcher) is a powerful Anti-Vehicle weapon used by ground forces. The primary fire launches the rocket, but if you point the weapon at a vehicle and hold down the secondary fire, your aim will be locked onto that target and the rocket will be guided to it automatically, almost guaranteeing a hit.
Longbow AVRiL
RedeemerThe most powerful known weapon. It's essentially a portable nuke. It fire's a slow moving missile that upon collision creates a gigantic explosion which instantly kills anything within it's huge radius. It will also knock over anyone who is just out of reach. The missile can also be guided, but the wielder is vulnerable whilst doing this. The projectile can be deactivated with a well placed shot, which makes it tough to effectively use on large scale maps.



MantaA fast moving hovercraft with very low health but great for crushing enemies. It shoots plasma projectiles that do moderate damage.
Its height can be raised or lowered with the secondary fire button (lower) or jump button (raise), this can be used to weave through enemy gun fire or even be used to run people over.
  • Hitpoints: 200
  • Seats: 1
ScorpionA light assault buggy with mortars and blades that unfold from the front of the vehicle. It also have a turbo ability. If a player leave the Scorpion while the turbo is active, they will activate the self-destruct, dealing a huge amount of damage (the player in the Scorpion will survive, in most cases, since they jumped out of the vehicles.)
  • Hitpoints: 300
  • Seats: 1
HellbenderA two man armored jeep. The driver can operate a turret, similar to the shock rifle, since it can shoot a insant shock beam and a slow-moving plasma ball. The passenger takes control of the rear turret which fires the insant shock beam, the same as the turret(not the plasma ball). When the Hellbender is full-seated, it can becomes a deadly combination, if the driver spams plasma balls and the passenger shoots these balls with a shock to achieve a major and lethal chain-reaction with Shock Combos.
  • Hitpoints: 600
  • Seats: 2
RaptorA flying vehicle. Its primary fire shoots plasma projectiles with a considerable splash damage and cause slightly higher damage than the Manta's weapon. The secondary fire shoots a missile similar to the AVRiL, with automatical lock-on on Mantas and other Raptors.
  • Hitpoints: 300
  • Seats: 1
CicadaA two-seated air support vehicle. The driver can launch constant flow of rockets to the ground, or lock onto a target on the ground, load up to 16 rockets and launch them all in one big and devastating barrage to your desired location. The passenger takes control of a Plasma Cannon turret, and is also able to shoot of a flare to distract enemy lock-on missiles.
  • Hitpoints: 500
  • Seats: 2
Hellfire SPMAA mobile artillery vehicle. It has a turret similar to the driver turret of the Hellbender. When it is deployed its' main weapon becomes available. It can send a massive fire rain over the enemies, killing almost everything in that area instant. However, it has to send up a camera before it can shoot the barrage(the players' Point of View gets transfered to this camera, to get a better view over the battlefield). This camera can be shot down with at well-placed shot by enemies.
  • Hitpoints: 800
  • Seats: 1
Hellfire SPMA
PaladinAn infantry support tank that shoots a slow-moving ball that explodes on impact with a powerful blast, similar to the shock rifles' shock combos, it can also provide an energy shield.
  • Hitpoints: 800
  • Seats: 1
GoliathA battle tank. It's main weapon fires tank shells that cause a lot of damage with a large splash radius. It's heavily armored but vulnerable from the air or fast moving targets. A passenger can take control of a small turret to help fight against such threats.
  • Hitpoints: 900
  • Seats: 2
LeviathanA five-seated mobile heavy-weapon-platform. It have four separate turrets, each with a unique firing method and ammo, e.g. one turret is a minigun that fires shock beams while another fires short rocket barrages. The passengers can activate a energy shield to protect themselves, for a small period of time. The driver, however, is having control of the most firepower, it shoots slowly-moving chunks of crystals, similar to the Stinger Miniguns' seconday fire, only bigger and more powerful. But the driver is also in control of a huge deployable turret which causes a gigantic energy blast, devastating anything caught within it. While being one of the most feared and powerful vehicles in the game, it still has its' weaknesses such as the slow movement, long deployment time and recharge time.
  • Hitpoints: 6500
  • Seats: 5
Leviathan (Undeployed)
StealthBenderAdded in The Titan Pack.

The stealth bender is a cloakable support vehicle build on the Hellbender chassis . It can deploy a number of items which are the Spider Mines, an EMP, a shield and a slow volume. It can also heal friendly vehicles, help to build nodes and deal slight damage to enemies with it's primary fire, it is also effective at destroying oncoming missiles.
  • Hitpoints: 600
  • Seats: 1


ViperSimilar to the Axons Manta, the Viper is a fast moving hovercraft-like vehicles, with a self-destruct function and a single-bounce energy pellet.
  • Hitpoints: 200
  • Seats: 1
Two Vipers
ScavengerAn sphere-like vehicle that moves with a set of tentacles. It can retract these to move at a fast speed as an orb, which can also deploy sharp blades to pierce through armor. It shoots energy beams via a small orb which follows any target it is locked onto, and it can help building nodes.
  • Hitpoints: 200
  • Seats: 1
Scavenger (None-shield ball form)
NemesisA mobile energy turret, which can switch between two positions. The most upright gives the fastest rate of fire, but slowest movement and most vulnerability. The lowest on the other hand, as you might have guessed, gives the slowest rate of fire, fast movement and most cover.
  • Hitpoints: 600
  • Seats: 1
Nemesis (Lower Height Position)
NightshadeA cloakable stealth support vehicle enforcer . It can deploy the same items as the StealthBender: Spider Mines, an EMP, a shield and a slow volume. It can also heal friendly vehicles, build nodes, deal slight damage to enemies, and destroy oncoming missiles.
  • Hitpoints: 600
  • Seats: 1
Nightshade (Uncloacked)
FuryThe Fury is an unusual flying vehicle. It can move swiftly through the air without the need of thrusters, and has two pairs of tentacles which shoot beams that can lock onto any threat within a small radius. It also has a turbo boost which allows it to quickly escape missile lock-ons.
  • Hitpoints: 400
  • Seats: 1
DarkWalkerA heavy offensive vehicle that sits on a tripod walker. It shoots two lava-like beams which can disintegrate anything within seconds. It moves slowly and is highly vulnerable to threats that are within a close proximity. To counteract this, it can release a conclusive blast, that will blow every enemy under it away, as well as temporarily stun any foot soldiers in its path. It can also blow passengers out of Mantas and Vipers. A passenger can also take control of an undermounted gun, similar to the Viper's weapon. The DarkWalker can also lower it self( crouching) so it can walk under obstacles like bridges or shoot enemies from a better angle if needed, making the DarkWalker one of the most versatile terrain-crossing ground-vehicles.
  • Hitpoints: 1000
  • Seats: 2


HoverboardThis is only available in Vehicle Capture the Flag, and Warfare. This allows foot soldiers to quickly travel across maps when not with a vehicle. The hoverboard has a grapple beam which allows the occupant of the vehicle to grapple onto any friendly vehicles for a speed boost. Whilst on the hoverboard, the rider is vulnerable to enemy fire and will be temporarily stunned if he/she gets hit.-
TurretThere are multiple turrets to be found in the game, the most common is simply titled Turret, it shoots plasma beams at a fast rate which will instantly hit targets and deal considerable damage. It is deadly, but vulnerable. There is also Shock Turrets, which fires a slow-moving ball that explodes with a powerful blast, similar to the shock rifles' Shock Combo, a Rocket Turret, that fires four rounds of rockets in bursts. Ideal for taking out heavily armored targets, or targets within a close-proximity that would otherwise be hard for the Energy Turret to hit, and finally, a Stinger Turret can be found, it fires the same projectiles as the Stingers' secondary fire, but much faster, resulting in a very lethal turret, but difficult to control.

In some maps, this turret is placed on a rail system, giving it the ability to move around.
  • Hitpoints: 400
  • Seats: 1
EradicatorAdded in The Titan Pack.
The Eradicator is basicly the Hellfire SPMA, but without the ability to move. This means that it still have to deploy the camera, which can be shot down, in order to shoot, also, it loses the turret that the Hellfire SPMA is in control of.
  • Hitpoints: 800
  • Seats: 1


Within Unreal Tournament 3, there are five factions, each containing a set of playable characters. You can also customize your own character using different armor and skins from the chosen faction, as well as download some user-created characters.

Iron Guard

Iron Guard

A group of highly trained mercenaries, experts in virtually any combat situation.* The team consists of five members, which feature very thick yellow armour. Lauren is the team leader.

Official Characters: Lauren, Barktooth, Harlin, Slain, Ariel and Blackjack



The only survivors of the infamous twin souls massacre. bound together out of a sense of duty, honor and strength.* The team consists of five members, which feature red plated amour with a black mesh. The tea m leader is Reaper, and is also the protagonist of the story.

Official Characters: Reaper, Bishop, Othello, Jester, Kana** and Kai



The Necris use these formidable reptilian beasts for the pacification of newly conquered planets.* The team consists of four members, each of w hich are large, scary looking beasts.

Official Characters: Scythe, Cerberus, Gnasher and Scorn



The Scretive Phayder Corporation developed the Necris process to produce this elite group of as sassins.* The team consists of six members, each of which wear black armor with golden plating. They can be seen with cybernetic body parts. The team leader is akasha, and is the main antagonist of the story.

Official Characters: Akasha, Loque, Damian, Kragoth, Malakai and Alanna**



Combat modified versions of the world class Liandri Mining Corporations world-class security drones.* The team consists of four members, each are mecha-like figures that take upon human forms. Liandri is also responsible for the world famous deathmatch tournaments, and it's models have undergone several changes over many generations.

Official Characters: Matrix, Aspect, Cathode, Enigma and Nova**

*Taken from the in-game description.

**Added in The Titan Pack.


Health PickupDescriptionAppearence
Health VialHeals 5 points, can exceed the health limit (your health can go above 100).
Health PackHeals 25 points, can exceed the health limit (your health can go above 100).
Big Keg O' HealthHeals 100 points, can exceed the health limit (your health can go above 100, maximum of 199).
Armor PickupDescriptionAppearence
HelmetProvides 20 points of protection. Reduces damage taken by 50%. Also blocking a single headshot.
Thigh PadsProvides 30 points of protection. Reduces damage taken by 50%.
Armor Vest

Provides 50 points of protection. Reduces damage taken by 75%.

Shield BeltProvides 100 points of protection. Reduces damage taken by 100%.
PowerupDescriptionColumn Head
Jump BootsThe Jump Boots provides 3 super jumps. They are activated by double jumping, the second jump in the double-jump will get an extra boost.
BerserkDoubles the firing rate on all weapons.
Damage AmplifierAlso known as the UDamage. Doubles the damage of all weapon.
InvisibilityCamouflages the player to an allmost invisible state.
InvulnerabilityMakes player invincible for a short period of time.
Slow-FieldCreates a sphere around the player. Everything inside the sphere will be slowed down, except for the player himself and teammates.

Added in The Titan Pack.


Spidermine TrapOnce armed, waits still an opponent enters it's range and releases a swarm of robot spiders to attack the opponent, the spiders dig into their opponents and detonate for maximum damage.
The spider mines can be 'controlled' by the secondary firing mode of the Longbow AVRIL, by either friend or foe of the spider mines.
Stasis FieldCreates a cube that slows down everything inside it (much like the Slow-Field Power-Up).
Shaped-ChargeHand-carried detonation device. Mainly used to clear blockades.
EMPThe mine detonates when a vehicles comes within it's range, makes all vehicles shutdown.
Shield GeneratorCreates a multi-faceted shield that stops weapon fire, but allows movement of soldiers and vehicles inside it.
X-Ray FieldWhen the X-Ray Field has been the deployed. Everyone inside of it will be seen as skeletons as well as taking damage.

Added in The Titan Pack.
Link GeneratorWhen deployed, the Link Generator creates something equivalent to a repair station. Basicly it spawns a generator with tons of Link Guns, automatically rapairing vehicles and nodes.

Added in The Titan Pack.

User-Generated Content

Unreal Tournament has a big community, where people share their creations with each other. You'll have the biggest chance of finding something useful on UT3's official forum.

You can find things like:

  • Maps
  • Characters
  • Mutators
  • Mods
  • And much more...

Unreal Tournament 3 on Steam

On January 30th, 2009 , retail copies of Unreal Tournament 3 were open to registration on Steam. This was done in preparation of the major update released on March 5th 2009, known as the 'Titan Pack'.

Titan Pack Expansion

The Titan Pack Expansion where released on March 5th 2009 for the PC and Playstation 3. The update added PS3 Trophy support, mod browsing, Achievements on Steam, and split screen. The update also improved A.I, U.I

Kana, one of the new characters

stability, client-side demo recording, major server browser enhancements, new maplist system, mid game mutator and game type voting functionality (on PC).

Titan Pack Expansion Also includes:

  • 16 environments – four Warfare, three vCTF, six Deathmatch, and three CTF maps – that are new to the PC and PS3 versions
  • Three bonus pack maps, CTF-Face, CTF-Searchlight and DM-Morbias
  • The namesake Titan mutator, which lets players overwhelm opponents as a 15 foot tall titan, or crush them as a 30 foot tall Behemoth
  • Greed and Betrayal, two gametypes that breed new-found fervor throughout the competitive UT3 arena
  • Two powerful weapons, the Stinger Turret and Eradicator Cannon artillery
  • Two valuable deployables, the X-Ray Field and Link Station
  • The Slow Field power-up, a portable version of the Slow Field deployable
  • Stealthbender, a new vehicle that carries two spidermine trap deployables, one EMP mine, and one each of the new Link Station and X-Ray Field deployables
  • Three new characters, Nova, Alanna and Kana
  • 57 awards attainable as Steam Achievements and PS3 Trophies
  • Broad improvements for PC and PS3: Significant AI enhancements, especially in vehicle gametypes; networking performance upgrades; greatly improved menu flow and UI usability; better mod support

As mentioned in the official press release, there are 16 new maps in the Titan Pack. Here's a rundown of what you can expect from each of them:

Hostile (Warfare)
Many research vessels were lost in the early days of Na Pali exploration. When the terrain or local fauna proved to be too dangerous for recovery, equipment was often abandoned and forgotten. But when it was learned that the Necris had moved in to recover this equipment for their own purposes, the NEG dispatched military salvage units to reclaim their property.

Confrontation (Warfare)
Confrontation Canyon serves as a training ground for Axon forces, improving unit readiness by providing highly realistic, stressful training across the full spectrum of infantry and mechanized conflict. It is the premiere facility for heavy armor training, and all forces must complete courses here before assignment to a Leviathan unit.

Cold Harbor (Warfare)
Axon's Stealth Research Division managed to get some of the early specs for the Necris Nightshade vehicle and have been attempting to retrofit that technology onto their own. The Necris have moved to stop this research, and despite the blockade that sealed the harbor when the NEG enforced the armistice, they have maintained a foothold here and are fervently working to destroy all remaining Axon research.

Downtown_Necris (Warfare)
The Necris are invading territories throughout Taryd, infecting conquered areas with Nanoblack to terraform them to suit their own needs. You must push back the Necris forces and restore order to this sector.

Stranded (Vehicle CTF)
Civilian contractors are often used to reliably transport supplies and equipment over short distances on Taryd, but when this cargo ship full of Axon supplies ran aground in Izanagi territory, a military unit was quickly dispatched to defend the area until a full extraction team could be assembled.

Rails (Vehicle CTF)
Even areas of new construction can be exploited as weak points in Oxida Nova's defenses, so the Iron Guard has established a series of mobile turrets to patrol the perimeter of this worksite. With several city blocks of terrain to cover, including an access point through the city's canal system, protecting this site will be a challenge to even the most experienced of teams.

Suspense_Necris (Vehicle CTF)
Suspense is the only bridge across the Alluvion strong enough to support the weight of heavy combat vehicles. It is under attack by Necris forces that control one river bank.

Dark Match (Deathmatch)
In preparation for the assault on Oxida Nova, Izanagi bombers targeted supply lines and other sites of important infrastructure. This power station was one of the first to be hit, and is now left to defend itself while running only on auxiliary reserves. Attack forces have moved in, and the facility's lights haven't even been restored. This level provides a unique twist on deathmatch in a darkened laboratory lit intermittently by a particle accelerator and emergency lights, and by muzzle flashes and explosions.

Ocean Relic (Deathmatch)
This ancient structure was discovered in the depths of an ocean rift 53 miles off the southern coast of Absalom. While the planet's seemingly endless supply of sentient Nanoblack has kept the facility active, its origins and ultimate purpose remain a mystery. This level features the slow field powerup, a portable version of the slow field deployable.

Eden, Inc. (Deathmatch)
This industrial complex was once a hydroponic research facility focused on saving rare and endangered species. When their grant ran out, funds dried up and all work was suspended. Months later, demo crews moved in to pave the path for a new highway and found that many of the research seedlings had taken root and continued to grow. This level features the introduction of deployables to deathmatch, with both a spidermine trap and an X-Ray field deployable available.

Turbine (Deathmatch)
Axon Research Corporation has many geothermal power stations just like this scattered across the northern reaches of Taryd. They form a tight grid that supplies power to the research facilities and military installations common to the area. This level features the return of a classic Unreal Tournament deathmatch layout.

Koos Barge (Deathmatch)
Continuing their long tradition of expertly crafted sea vessels, Koos Shipping now offers barge services across all of Taryd's oceans and waterways. While the prices are exorbitant, they're the only line that guarantees that your shipment will arrive on time and undamaged, even when shipping lanes take them across the frozen polar regions.

Lost Cause (Deathmatch)
The Necris have not revealed the original purpose of this crumbling structure, nor have they explained why it was decommissioned. It stands on the cliffs of Absalom as a monument to history, a living link to the Necris ancestors.

Morbid (CTF)
Morbias Station Gamma is a transport hub that services overflow traffic passing through Taryd's jumpgates. The Station offers a terrestrial shuttle, storage facilities (with quarantine services for live cargo), and a social center where guests can meet incoming visitors or hold private meetings in a neutral setting. Designed for use with the Titan mutator, Morbid includes heavy blast doors that can only be operated by Titans.

Nanoblack (CTF)
Giant vats of Nanoblack are processed and stored in facilities like this one across Omicron. The structures are largely self-sustaining once operational, and are upheld with much reverence by those who respect the power and significance of the Nanoblack seething within. Public access is highly restricted.

Shaft (CTF)
The substrata mines of Taryd produced over 800 gigatons of Tarydium last year alone. Production never stops here, not even for war, and mining drones will remain operational even as chaos erupts around them.


Disc One

1."Unreal Tournament Theme (UT3 Remix)" Rom Di Prisco2:04
2."Unreal Tournament Title (UT3 Remix)"Rom Di Prisco3:37
3."Tactical Agenda"Rom Di Prisco4:51
4."Onslaught 1 (UT3 Remix)"Rom Di Prisco4:29
5."Mekalopolis"Rom Di Prisco5:39
6."Skyward Fire (UT3 Remix)"Rom Di Prisco5:07
7."Afterburn"Rom Di Prisco4:09
8."Go Down (UT3 Remix)"Rom Di Prisco3:14
9."Quantum Velocity"Rom Di Prisco5:01
10."Foregone Destruction (UT3 Remix)"Rom Di Prisco5:04
11."Suborbital Graviton"Rom Di Prisco3:26
12."Skylab 9000"Rom Di Prisco4:07
13."Deploy and Assault"Rom Di Prisco3:54
14."Defector"Rom Di Prisco4:36
15."Firestorm"Rom Di Prisco5:16
16."Mechanism Eight (UT3 Remix)"Rom Di Prisco3:35
17."Plasma Oscillator"Rom Di Prisco3:52
18."Frozen Babylon"Rom Di Prisco3:37

Disc Two

1."Unreal Tournament Title (UT3 Reconstruction)" Jesper Kyd2:54
2."Lockdown"Jesper Kyd4:50
3."To the Death"Jesper Kyd6:03
4."Robo Mall"Jesper Kyd8:58
5."Necris Attacks"Jesper Kyd4:05
6."Outpost"Jesper Kyd4:58
7."Tactical Agenda (Nanoblack Remix)"Rom Di Prisco3:44
8."Nekrimanci"Rom Di Prisco4:40
9."Sanktuary"Rom Di Prisco4:28
10."Necris Attacks (Extended Version)"Rom Di Prisco6:22
11."Outpost (Extended Version)"Rom Di Prisco6:37
12."Tactical Agenda (Jade Dragon Remix)"Rom Di Prisco4:15
13."Bushido"Rom Di Prisco4:05
14."Temple of Shambala"Rom Di Prisco4:06
15."World of Liandri"Jesper Kyd4:49

Bonus Tracks

1."KR-Coret"Kevin Riepl6:51
2."KR-Strident"Kevin Riepl5:58

System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
  • 2.0 GHZ Single Core Processor
  • 512 MB of System RAM
  • NVIDIA 6200 or ATI Radeon 9600 Video Card
  • 8 GB of Free Hard Drive Space
  • 2.4 GHZ Dual Core Processor
  • 1 GB of System RAM
  • NVIDIA 7800GTX or ATI x1300 Video Card
  • 8 GB of Free Hard Drive Space

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