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After floating in space for some time, Prisoner 849 is found by a human spaceship, the UMS Bodega Bay. The military immediately forces the protagonist into service and forcing him to return to Na Pali to find another downed ship the UMS Prometheus, which had been carrying secret weapons research. Once at the UMS Prometheus, 849 finds the weapons research log, but also hears a transmission from the Bodega Bay. The military plans to murder Prisoner 849. However, our protagonist escapes into the familiar mines surrounding the crash site. Like the original Unreal, he travels through alien facilities and Nali temples to navigate his way off the planet. 849 eventually finds a small spacecraft harboured in a Nali Castle. When in orbit, the Bodega Bay fires a missile at the protagonist, which he outmanoeuvres and directs towards the Bodega Bay, disabling it and allowing him to escape into space.

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