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All the games I own on Steam. Originally, I tried to keep this list alphabetically and chronologically ordered but when I started hitting 200+ games I just couldn't do it anymore.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

Good grief! How many of these have you had the chance to play?

Posted by Brackynews
Posted by Tordah

@ahoodedfigure: According to the Steam Playtime Calculator:

"Player Tordah owns 234 game(s) on Steam, of which he/she has played 127. That means he/she has not played 107 of them."

I'm working on it, I promise!

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Might be time to crank the throttle back a few notches in the mean time :)
@Tordah: @Brackynews:  

I'm not sure how I feel about this information being public, though. Do you choose whether or not it's published?
Posted by Tordah

@ahoodedfigure: I'm not sure, actually. You can set your Steam profile to be "hidden", but I don't know if that hinders either of those sites from getting information about your game collection. I think that's viewable by everyone regardless of your profile status.

It's never bothered me that it's public, so I wouldn't know. If anyone wants to see how much of a nerd I am, then go right ahead.

Posted by Brackynews

@ahoodedfigure: It's a fair point, given the issue of account-jacking, but everything suffers from that. Their FAQ has an entry for making your account not-Private. Generally it can't concern itself with what you actually paid for things, just an appraisal of their current value, and most "game collection" services seem to do that.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Brackynews: I see. I guess I like the idea of financial transactions to be private, even if this is rated in current value as opposed to initial purchase. Can the rights to individual games be traded between users?