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Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball was released for the SNES in 1994. It had the MLB license but not the license of the Player's Union, so fictionalized names (other than Griffey's) were used for the athletes. The fictional names are notable for the various themes that teams were given. For example, the Kansas City Royals were all named after United States presidents and the Baltimore Orioles are named after famous Baltimoreans.


The game features exhibition and season play, as well as a 1 or 2-player Home Run Derby mode. When pitching, the player can control the path of the ball in midair, which can make 2-player competitive play sometimes infuriating. Aside from this, basic gameplay is fairly straightforward. In-game stadiums resemble their real-life equivalents and include well-known features like Fenway Park's left field wall (the Green Monster) and Baltimore's brick facade of the B & O warehouse beyond right field that Ken Griffey struck with a ball during 1993's Home Run Derby.

Fictional Name Team Themes

Atlanta Braves - Famous DJs

Baltimore Orioles - Baltimore natives

Boston Red Sox - Cheers (TV Show) characters and Boston landmarks

California Angels - Famous actors

Chicago White Sox - Basketball players from St. John's University

Chicago Cubs - Sports actions or nicknames

Cincinnati Reds - Prolific writers

Cleveland Indians - Famous Actresses

Colorado Rockies - Famous people associated with horror movies

Detroit Tigers - Motown singers

Houston Astros - Cartoonists

Kansas City Royals - Presidents of the United States of America

Los Angeles Dodgers - Punk rockers and other musicians from California

Milwaukee Brewers - Secret agents, detectives, and superhero secret identities

Minnesota Twins - Book characters

Montreal Expos - 1980's English musicians

New York Mets - Punk rockers from New York

New York Yankees - Former Yankee greats

Oakland Athletics - Prolific authors

Philadelphia Phillies - Philly landmarks and characters from the Rocky movies

San Francisco Giants - Workers from Software Creations

San Diego Padres - Punk rockers from England

Seattle Mariners - Workers from Nintendo of America

St. Louis Cardinals - Comedians

Texas Rangers - Western motif

Toronto Blue Jays - Wigan Warriors rugby team members

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