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 If at first I don't succeed, the wife won't let me forget.

Khalid is a Half-Elf Fighter and Harper in Baldur's Gate. He is first encountered at the Friendly Arm Inn along with his wife, Jaheira, and the two of them are the friends that Gorion instructed you to seek out. His stuttering welcome is far friendlier than that of his wife, and the two of them ask you to join them in investigating a problem at the Nashkel iron mine.

Khalid's backstory describes him as the unloved son of a merchant in Calimshan, with a number of half brothers who were preferred over himself. He is portrayed as far more timid than his wife, and quite nervous; he stutters often, is easily startled, and is more prone to morale breaks than most of the other characters in the game. Even so, his tone is almost invariably friendly.

Khalid and Jaheira make an inseparable pair; if you dismiss one from your party, the other will follow. The two of them feature the largest amount of interparty banter in Baldur's Gate, even if it is limited to only a couple exchanges, and despite their somewhat bickering tone, it is clear that they have a very strong connection with each other. The pair of them also interact with Xzar, but then in a far more hostile manner, as they suspect him and Montaron of being Zhentarim agents.

By the beginning of Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn, Khalid's whereabouts are unknown. His dismembered remains are later located within that same dungeon, and in a grisly scene, Imoen describes being forced to watch as Irenicus cut the body to pieces after Khalid was dead.

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