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Drury Walker was a hapless, minor criminal desperate to earn the respect of the great super-villains of Gotham City. Following a stint in prison, Walker adopted the identity of Cameron Van Cleer, a millionaire super criminal and philanthropist, modeled greatly on Bruce Wayne.

Like Wayne, Van Cleer masqueraded as a costumed vigilante. Killer Moth established himself as the anti-Batman, protecting Gotham’s criminals in the same way Batman pledged to protect its innocents. Killer Moth mirrored many of Batman’s techniques and gadgets, including his own vehicle, underground hideout, call-signal and high-tech suit.

After years of being considered a second-string member of Batman’s Rogues Gallery, Killer Moth teamed up with other forgotten super-villains and attempted to kidnap Gotham’s mayor, Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne and hold them for ransom. The plan fell apart, however, and the team went their separate ways.

Killer Moth was one of the few villains who sold his soul to the demon Neron in exchange for power and the respect he had so long desired. Transformed into the monstrous Charaxes, Killer Moth lost most of his cognitive powers and became overwhelmed by a primal urge to feed. Now a beastly combination of moth and human, Charaxes began to kidnap innocents and traps them in cocoons to facilitate his appetite. 

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Killer Moth’s biography is unlocked upon viewing a cocooned skeleton hidden in the Botanical Gardens of Arkham, possibly a reference to his altered state as Charaxes. 

Lego Batman: The Videogame

Killer Moth assists Joker in his plan to poison the citizens of Gotham. The references to his namesake are amplified for comedic effect, including aspects like being attracted to light sources. He is an unlockable, playable character.

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