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Kingdom Hearts

This game has a complicated plot...but ....easy to follow. I think thats a positive qualitiy. This game has diverse areas to visit and multiple things you can do just to have fun. I loved this game because it has a touching story. The story has to be awesome to draw my attention. This game has some really good graphics at some specific moments, such as the ending, which was also amazing by the way. Nuff said. :D


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    Goofy kicks ass!! 0

    When I first heard that the guys who made Final Fantasy and Disney were making a game, I was a little weary of the concept. Disney movies had started to slowly decrease in quality as the years had gone on (and as they had stolen more souls), and I was never really a fan of RPGs, so when I bought this game on a whim I was pleasantly surprised. Kingdom Hearts is an action role-playing game from Square and Disney. The story follows Sora, the player character, Donald Duck, your parties mage, and Goo...

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    An interesting combination of two universes. 0

    Kingdom Hearts was Square's first big hit since Final Fantasy X.  It brought together two popular universes--Disney and Final Fantasy, and melded them into a unique role playing game.  Disney movies and Final Fantasy games contain vastly different stories, but they often have themes of light versus dark, or good versus evil, so you could say that this unique pairing makes sense.  There is a division among fans on whether Disney characters belong in a Square game, so how much you like the game ma...

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