Ps3 Demo super buggy?

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Has anyone else found the ps3 version to be super buggy? I was quite excited to play the demo and really really want to enjoy this game but the audio would keep turning on and off, sometimes just music, sometimes just sound effects sometimes nothing at all! I couldnt talk to anyone expect that one little dude at the beginning and cutscene dialogue would race by in about half a second. After getting to the open area in complete silence I turned it off, hoping that if i replay it later/tomorrow the bugs wont occur.

After the skyrim lag debarcle I really really want to have a rpg that isnt busted! Aside from the frustration of the audio I liked everything else. The combat is great, and for me, the visual style is awesome. I've heard it compared to wow, well luckily for me I've never played wow so to me its very original!

For a ps3 owner im hoping this is going to be fable we never had!

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The bugs from what I heard are found across the board. I can confirm that it is very buggy on the pc version.

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Everything worked for me fine ( audio and cutscenes) but the little dudes heads kept disappearing. Looks like it could be a great game if they can iron these bugs out.

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I played through the demo and had no sound while fighting the troll, and had 2 instances of grounds not being rendered. Other than that, no issues whatsoever. I highly enjoyed the demo and am looking forward to the game. If the bugs do get ironed out with time, then this should shape up to be a great game.

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@JBird: PC version isn't as bad as you've described there, but it does have issues. Mostly with audio sync. I'm hoping it's just because it's a demo, and not final code. I'd be really bummed if the final product wasn't any better, since I was enjoying the gameplay.

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I had the audio bug when I tried the demo the first time, I restarted it and it worked on my second attempt, but when I hit open world I sometimes had missing floor textures when I left buildings. I also had a few instances of character position lag where I would glitch around randomly, which was strange since it's not online.

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It's a demo. It all likelihood it's using an earlier code.

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That guy's head disappeared while I was talking to him.

I just assumed he was a wizard.

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@JBird: Oh wow, I encountered the exact same issues on Ps3! Then it crashed after I reached the Fateweaver.

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I have only occurred minor graphical and temporary sound issues after playing it on both my 360 and PC, maybe I will try it on my PS3 and see if I have just been lucky with the other consoles.

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I got sound issues, visual issues, and it ended with a hard lock up. It definitely takes after Bethesda RPGs.

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Damn it I was looking forward to this game, hopefully the retail release will squash most of these bugs

Keep the disappearing head one

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Yup. Mentioned some bugs in other threads. I am also playing the PS3 version.

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As for bugs I didn't really see any, but the framerate was pretty bad.

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@Zealousadonis said:

...when I hit open world I sometimes had missing floor textures when I left buildings.

This was pretty much the only noticeable bug that I came across in the demo. Floor textures got replaced with a weird, metallic, glowing water-type texture that would ghost my character's movement onto the texture. As cool and trippy as it was to look at, hopefully that bug won't be in the final game.

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I experienced several bugs too, which is a darn shame since I was looking forward to it, and from playing the demo actually enjoyed the mechanics.

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@Mordukai: Oh right, lets hope so! So you know why games devs release demos with so many bugs in? It seems so counter productive. I was really excited by the game, and still am, but summing up what everyones said on this thread, it'll be really good if the bugs are removed! We wouldnt be thinking this at all if the demo worked! Its kinda dumb really, its like a film trailer coming out with it all the green screen still in!

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Only played the PC version. I've had some weird texture issues and the game crashed near the end of my demo time. I'll give it another shot, so far it's been fun to play.

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PC is pretty horrendously buggy. For me, every time something event-like happened in the world (like rocks caving in for example) the game would lock up for like 10 seconds. It was pretty annoying. Hoping that's an old demo.

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Once the text got stuck on auto-skip and the sound effects were muted.  Most of the times I killed the small round enemies, their brown texture would stretch across the floor.  When exiting zones the ground texture might not load or cause other textures to bleed and repeat making some kind of weird tie-dye pattern.
I'm sure it's an old build, but still weird to release it out to the public like that.  Demo or not.
A lot of people are going to play it just to get the Mass Effect stuff and might forget about what could be a really cool game because of that build.

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When i first started the demo my Character didn't have a head,It loaded after awhile but it was a great wtf moment.

And at multiple points the floor kept disappearing,Really hope the full game isn't this buggy.

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@fini_fly said:

I played through the demo and had no sound while fighting the troll, and had 2 instances of grounds not being rendered. Other than that, no issues whatsoever. I highly enjoyed the demo and am looking forward to the game. If the bugs do get ironed out with time, then this should shape up to be a great game.

no audio bug on my end, but i had quite a few instances of the ground and water not rendering, leaving my character standing on a glitchy void which was very amusing.

I'm willing to give this demo a pass, sectioning off a chunk of this game for demo purposes probably compromised some of the code, still really fun to play.

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@TheMasterDS said:

I got sound issues, visual issues, and it ended with a hard lock up. It definitely takes after Bethesda RPGs.

Yeah that's what happened to me too on 360. Not too many visual issues, had one texture glitch on the ground in the first open area after the tutorial bit. Otherwise every single NPC I spoke to after the Fateweaver was stuck on auto-skip and I couldn't hear them at all. Then with 25 mins left it just hard locked on me mid-combat. I'd really like what I had played that far so I'm hoping it's just a case of an earlier buggy code.

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On the PS3 I had the lag bug where my character would randomly teleport 3 feet to the left. Happened a few times. Also had a bug where it looked like the ground textures or shadows would get attached to enemies and warp the screen into these weird triangle things.

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I was sort of looking forward to this game but I fear it may turn into a debacle of epic proportions, like I'm getting visions of Two Worlds 2 all over again.

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I'm playing it on the 360. The first time I played, the game crashed as soon as I used a magic spell. The second time I tried, the game auto-skipped my dialog with the first gnome who rolls with you in the prologue, it wouldn't let me talk to any of the gnomes before the troll fight, and then it later crashed on me while fighting in the woods. In addition, there was a lot of pop in and weird geometry glitches.

Forget it. It was already seeming a little mediocre. I though it might get interesting after looking through the upgrade paths and I thought, maybe once it's like $30-$40 but all of the jank + hard crashing on me 100% of the time I've tried to play it has turned me off from ever grabbing it. Skyrim isn't even this bad.

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Nice to see what I can look forward to. I haven't been able to get that far because my game keeps hanging on a black screen with the loading graphic spinning after I press start and it goes through connecting to EA servers. Restarted the game 5 times before I was finally able to get farther than that.

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Its a demo. Its probably old code. It most likely has plenty of bugs. Most demos have these issues.

If these bugs were present in the final game, then I'd be worried and annoyed.

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I had the exact same issues, plus a few more: characters jumping around from place to place, quest titles being stuck for several minutes, floor textures disappearing and questlines not ending. I guess that is Oblivion's designer hand there...

Its a pity, because the demo actually turned me off of the game. The combat was fun and the RPG was decent. Some things were half-assed (like the lock-picking minigame, and your character not having voice or facial expressions), but in general wasn't a bad game. However, I will wait until I hear about the release product to see if they actually managed to fix some of those stuffs. In a demo, being this glitchy is manageable; but in a retail is unacceptable.

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I gave up on the demo once it started skipping dialog.

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On the PS3 version I also had floor texture problems. And a chest being stuck halfway up a rock wall connected to an invisible 45 degree floor at the end of a cave.

Oh and I dont know if it technically was even a bug or not, but one of the sidequests had me trying to find an NPC outside of the main town, and then trying to find some treasure with said NPC. It seemed like I had a choice and I didnt want to share the treasure with him, so I went into the cave and took it myself. But then before I could tie up the quest I still had to talk to the guy to get him to return to town. No matter what I said it became clear that the guy still wanted to go to the cave. I followed him into the cave and his text was something like "Dont go into the cave, its dangerous" (I forget exactly what it was). Then I had to escort him all the way through the linear cave just to pop out on the other side with him, at which point he was ready to go home.

I didnt pick up Skyrim because of low money at the time, and the PS3 bugs. I think I'd rather have this than Skyrim now, bugs and all.

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I played it this morning on the PS3. The bugs I encountered mostly dealt with characters splining out as the graphical parameters explode all over. I ran into this occasionally when modding Elder Scrolls Oblivion on the PC. Textures become stretched out over a series of long points surrounding what was once an identifiable character. In this case, I only ran into trouble with the enemies. I also had a problem when my character would be pulled into objects and I had to wiggle or go to the menu to get out of them. No sound issues like others have mentioned, though.

I'm not sure how bugged the final will be, but the demo definitely makes this a wait-and-see game as opposed to "day-one".

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The PC demo never worked, but during my ps3 play through the lighting during cut scenes seemed to go dark to light. Reading IGNs preview however provided the that the demo was an early and outsourced build not reflecting on the finalized version(fingers crossed). After playing through the PS3 demo i know i will be pre ordering this week.

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Missing floors, missing heads, missing sounds, missing dialogue. The bugs are the same in all versions of the demo. 
I still pre-ordered because I highly doubt that these things will be in the actual game. But if they are, I will raise hell. They probably shouldn't have released the demo in this state, but it's so close to the actual game coming out anyway -- there would have been no point in taking time to iron out the bugs. I think it will turn more people on to the game, even if they do think that the bugs will be present.  
The most common bug is the dialogue skipping. Well, what with RPG games really hitting the mainstream in the past year, a lot of the people now playing probably don't read the dialogue anyway. If they can read.

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