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Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is a Kirby game for the Nintendo 64. The game stars Kirby, Ribbon, Waddle Dee, Adeleine and King Dedede in a quest to gather all of the Crystal Shards scattered across six different planets. Gameplay is almost identical to previous Kirby games, as Kirby moves on a 2D plane and eats enemies to gain different powers. The big difference, however, is that Kirby can merge two different abilities together.


There are seven core abilities that can be merged to create other abilities, bringing the total amount different powers up to twenty-eight. The main abilities are Bomb, Cutter, Fire, Ice, Needle, Spark, and Stone.

Stand Alone Abilities

  • Bomb: Allows Kirby to throw bombs in front of him.
  • Cutter: Kirby throws his face in the shape of a boomerang. His walking speed is slower when using this ability.
  • Fire: Kirby transforms into a ball of fire that propels him forward for a brief amount of time.
  • Ice: Kirby breathes ice that freezes enemies when hit.
  • Needle: Kirby grows spikes that kill enemies, Kirby also sticks to any surface when using this ability.
  • Spark: Electricity surrounds Kirby, hurting any enemy that he touches.
  • Stone: Kirby turns to stone and squashes anything that's under him, Kirby can still move around in this form but the ability stops if Kirby falls off a ledge.

Combination Abilities

  • Bomb Bomb: Kirby shoots up to 3 rockets from his mouth.
  • Bomb Cutter: Kirby throws ninja stars that explode on impact with an enemy.
  • Bomb Fire: Kirby shoots fireworks and can launch himself in the air.
  • Bomb Ice: Kirby turns into a snowman that detonates on impact with an enemy.
  • Bomb Needle: Kirby turns into a Gordo, and when Kirby explodes he shoots needles around him.
  • Bomb Spark: Kirby turns into a light bulb that explodes after a brief amount of time.
  • Bomb Stone: Kirby throws dynamite that explodes after a brief amount of time. This can also damage Kirby if the player does not push down to put Kirby's hard hat on.
  • Cutter Cutter: Much like the stand alone Cutter ability, except the range of the Boomerang is bigger and the actual Boomerang is bigger.
  • Cutter Fire: Kirby gets a fire sword that he can swing around. The sword can be thrown and can also hurt enemies when it is dragged from behind.
  • Cutter Ice: Kirby puts on ice skates and skates along the level.
  • Cutter Needle: Kirby's arms grow into fangs that close when Kirby is on the ground to attack anything around Kirby.
  • Cutter Spark: Kirby uses a light saber-esque weapon to attack enemies.
  • Cutter Stone: Kirby transforms into stone, and then carves himself into some of Kirby's friends. The friends include Rick the Hamster, Coo the Owl, Kine the Fish, Pitch the Bird, Chuchu the Octopus, and Nago the cat.
  • Fire Fire: Much like the stand alone fire ability. Except Kirby travels further in a ball of fire, and there is more fire so the range is larger.
  • Fire Ice: Kirby gets put into a block of ice, which then melts away.
  • Fire Needle: Kirby transforms into a bow that shoots flaming arrows.
  • Fire Spark: Kirby gets caught on fire making him run around, hurting any enemies he touches.
  • Fire Stone: Kirby transforms into a volcano, and is able to shoot rocks at enemies.
  • Ice Ice: Kirby rolls into a big snowball, hurting any enemy he touches.
  • Ice Needle: Kirby transforms into a giant snowflake.
  • Ice Spark: Kirby transforms into a refrigerator, and can hurl food at enemies. Kirby can also eat the food to regain life.
  • Ice Stone: Kirby transforms into a curling stone that slides along the ground.
  • Needle Needle: Similar to the stone alone needle ability, except the spikes are longer. The spikes are actually a fork, a needle, a bee's sting, a cactus, a corkscrew, a pencil, and protractor.
  • Needle Spark: Kirby transforms into a needle that conducts lightning.
  • Needle Stone: Kirby has a power drill that drags him forward, hurting the enemies it hits.
  • Spark Spark: Similar to the stand alone spark ability, except the spark is larger.
  • Spark Stone: Kirby spits out a large rock that is lassoed by electricity, giving it a boomerang effect.
  • Stone Stone: Similar to the stand alone stone ability, except Kirby is much bigger.

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