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Koromaru's Persona, Cerberus
Koromaru is first introduced as a stray dog wandering around outside the dorms. His former master tended the shrine, and, after he died, Koromaru remained living there alone, but always took himself on a walk every day that mimicked the route his master would take. 
He is later found to have a persona when he defeats a shadow during a full moon, and becomes a member of SEES, living in the dorms with them. His persona is, appropriately, Cerberus, and specializes in Mudo (death) and Agi (fire) skills. Throughout the rest of the game, the Main Character can occasionally spend his evening walking him. If the Main Character and Koromaru walk alone, he'll find an item or you'll bump into a random social link and increase your status with that link. However, sometimes the Main Character can walk Koro-chan with other members of SEES where they can have a conversation about the current events.
Aigis states that she can understand Koromaru, and occasionally "translates" for him.

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