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Kung Fu Chaos was a comedic brawler/party game released early in the life of the original Xbox. The game had a heavy multiplayer focus (regardless of the lack of Xbox live compatibility), but a short single player mode was also included.


The story follows several kung fu actors as they make several movies under the direction of Shao Ting, a short, Asian director. Shao often uses actual ninjas in place of stuntmen to make the movie more "realistic", leaving the player to fight them off.


Ninja, Xui, and Candi pit it out on a barge in entre the Dino

The object of the game was to knock all opponents off the edge of the screen, similar to games such as Super Smash Bros., albeit in a 3d perspective. Whenever a player was knocked down, hitting the right trigger taunted that opponent, and gave the taunting player a star. After a player taunted a downed opponent three times, the player could use a character specific super move, which usually killed all enemies on the screen. However, stars could be stolen if a player with a star was taunted while down. After the end of each level the player can watch what he did in the style of a classic Kung-fu movie.

The game also featured several mini-games, including toss the princess, a version of hot potato with floating platforms and a human projectile.

Game Modes

The game has 6 different gameplay modes:

  • Ninja challenge: This is the campaign of the game. You must select a character and fight your way through all of the movie sets. Each movie set acts as a level and each has a final boss. you must play through this mode to unlock the levels and characters for use in the other modes.
  • Battle Game: Multiplayer game type. In this you and up to 3 other friends or A.I. select characters and do battle through a chosen set of sets or scenes from the campaign. through out the game scores are gain through defeating your opponent, taunting, using your ultra or interacting with the environment. At the end of the level the scores are totaled and the person with the highest score wins.
  • Championship: This is exactly the same as Battle Game but you only play through one set, you cannot pick and choose scenes.
  • Mini- series: Pick a character and a random set of scenes is generated for you to play. you must beat each of the scenes to continue.
  • Freestyle: In this mode you do battle against A.I, Friends or both in a wide open arena.
  • Rehearsal: This is a practice mode for you to perfect your skills.


Master Sho Yu
Master Sho Yu: is an elderly martial arts master. He wears an orange coat and has a stereotypical Japanese moustache. He is supposedly Ninja Fu Hiya's old master. Master sho yu is the final boss of Night of the living fog.
Ninja Fu Hiya
Ninja Fu Hiya: A blue or pink ninja with a purple head band. His prized possession is his signed poster of Bruce Lee
Monkey: An immortal monkey who became that way by urinating on the mountain kings favourite table cloth. He is an obvious parody of the monkey king from journey to the west. Monkey is the final boss in enter the Dino.
Lucy Cannon
Lucy cannon: A gunslinging woman whose prized possession is her shotgun, babydoll.
Xui Tan Sour
Xui Tan Sour: A young female martial artist who is out to avenge her family who were killed by a rival circus.
Chop & Styx
Chop & Styx: A samurai with is baby son in a sack on his back. both carry swords to fight with. He is a parody of lone wolf and cub.
Candi Roll
Candi roll: A roller-skating blonde.
Captain Won Ton
Captain Won Ton: A overweight luchador, who also dabbles in a bit of super hero work.
Shao Ting
Shao Ting: The loud, obnoxious director. he fancies himself as a womanizer and is constantly getting into trouble for looking at inappropriate parts of some of the female cast. He is unlockable after you have completed the game.

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