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Other than Assasins Creed 2, which was just added as I was testing out how this site works a few months ago, this is just one of my game CD travel cases (one of my older ones as you can see most the games are 1992-1999 or so). I have like 5 more of those plus the ones still in jewel cases, and ones on floppy (alot of which I now store on a secondary hard drive in a specific folder due to Floppies so easily becoming unworkable). Think I'll do another travel case later tonight. Kind of fun looking through some of these old games. Havent really cracked alot of the more obscure games I have yet. That should be interesting.

For anyone that cares, I dont suggest storing CD or DVD media in travel CD cases. Over long periods of time it does not protect them well. Unfortunately, my lifes events forced me to do this to keep all my CDs in the first place, otherwise a vast majority of these would no longer be in my possession and that would make me a little sad. I hope to someday have a stable enough income and home where I can store them all in jewel caes again and display them in a bookcase or something. I prefer that anyway.

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Added the second case of CDs to the list. Theres still a ton more, but im going to stop for tonight. Interesting note, the site breaks it up if it goes beyond one page it starts all over at #1 again. Thats kinda... weird.

Edit 2011: I may never finish this list, but if you really wanted to see my full list of games which is way more than this click on link

Posted by Seraphim84

Oh wow, you really wrote these games up. Good show.

Posted by CornBREDX

@Seraphim84: Thanks. Ya I write these when I'm bored or its slow at work. It's been a while though, I should add more at some point but I'm really lazy sometimes =P

Anyway, thanks. Glad you enjoyed my list =)