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Lanky is the clown of the family
Lanky is a goofy orange orangutan from the Donkey Kong Series. His most prominent feature is his long arms which give him many special abilities. He is considered the clown of the Donkey Kong family. 

Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong 64 as a playable character
Lanky first and most prominent appearance is in Donkey Kong 64, where he was one of the playable characters. In the game every Kong but Donkey was kidnapped by K. Rool, and they were all imprisoned. Lanky can be found and rescued in the Angry Aztec level, and after he is rescued he is playable.  
After Lanky is rescued he is able to aid Donkey in defeating K. Rool, and collect the golden bananas. He has many goofy yet helpful abilities usually involving his long arms. His abilities include stretchy arms for combat, hand stand ability for climbing steep hills, and inflating like a balloon to reach high areas. All the Kongs have a musical instruments in the game, and his instrument of choice is a trombone. 

Other Appearances

Lanky in Donkey Kong's Barrel Blast
Lanky has not recieved any prominent roles in a video game or other form of media since Donkey Kong 64. His roles have been various cameos in Nintendo themed comic books based on Donkey Kong and other franchises. He also made an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a trophy. His only playable appearance since Donkey Kong 64 was in Donkey Kong's Barrel Blast as a racer.

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