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The DK Bongos are controllers designed for the Nintendo Gamecube. They have been used for a variety of Donkey Kong themed games, from the rhythm game Donkey Konga to the platformer Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat. The racing game Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast was originally meant to make use of the bongo controllers, as seen by the way the characters have a pair of rocket propelled bongos strapped to their chests. Unfortunately, its development came close to the end of the Gamecube's cycle, and instead the title was ported to the Nintendo Wii.

The controller is shaped like two barrels. You must hit the barrels to play and sometimes clap (the controller has a microphone in between both bongos).

Donkey Konga

Feel the beat in Donkey Konga
Feel the beat in Donkey Konga

Donkey Konga was the first game to use the bongos and logically came packed with them. Donkey Konga is a rhythm game where you must left and right bongos in tune with notes that are horizontally scrolling on screen. Sometimes the game would require you to clap or hit both bongos at the same time and towards later levels, the game would ask you to keep rhythm by rapidly tapping the bongos.

Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

Jungle Beat made you use the bongos in a platforming environment. You had to guide Donkey Kong through various levels by hitting the right bongo to go right, the left bongo to go left, both bongos to jump and clapping to attack. The game would sometimes switch the control scheme for example during boss fights where each bongo is one of Kong's fists or during chase sequences where both bongos were used to run.

PLÄTTCHEN twist 'n' paint

Simultaneously the only non-Gamecube game and the only non- Donkey Kong game to use the bongos, twist 'n' paint is a Wiiware game where you can use the bongos to solve puzzles by shooting tiles off walls.

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