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Last Resort is a futuristic side-scrolling shooter. It was originally released in 1992 for the Neo Geo MVS arcade hardware. The game is similar to R-Type, where the player has some control over a satellite that orbits their own ship (the Unit.) The game's artistic style is reminicent of contemporary science fiction films such as Akira and The Terminator


Last Resort's Akira-esque 1st stage
Last Resort takes place in the year 2920, after the Earth's population has swelled to over 90 billion people. Due to the vast overpopulation and opressive pollution that has made Earth almost uninhabitable, humans flee the planet and colonize space. When a computer virus of unknown origin infects the computer of the third colony, it begins to kill the people it was intended to protect. The rebellious computer commandeers the colony's defense systems and uses them against their creators. The colony's overseer launches an SOS, and the Last Resort rescue mission commences. 


Last Resort, fighting the Brucken, a Terminator-looking boss
In the game, you pilot a ship in a side-scrolling stage, constantly shooting at the assailing enemies. Movement is controlled with a four-way joystick, with one button to shoot and launch the Unit, and another button to lock or release the Unit's orbit. The Unit is a satellite weapon similar to the Force in R-Type or the Option in Gradius. The Unit always moves and fires opposite the direction of the ship's movement; the second button on the controller can be used to stop its rotation in place, or to start it again. When the fire button is held down, releasing it will launch the Unit away from the ship. After launching away, the Unit quickly rejoins the ship. Playing with the balance of unit placement and weapon charging is a key strategy to defeating the enemies that appear from all angles, often surrounding the ship. Each stage culminates in a fight against a boss.


While Last Resort hasn't held up against most popular shooter franchises, it has remained a favorite among Neo Geo fans. Even though its gameplay closely mimicks R-Type, the game has a unique visual style that distinguishes it from the crowd.

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