League Of Legends Going Free-To-Play In September

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Nope that is not how is works. All hero, and runes will be unlock by IP which is only earned though playing games. 
Mastery point and rune slot will be unlock by gaining levels.
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No, this game will never ever have to pay to be good, as long as Guinsoo (lead game designer) is in Riot games. 
Think about it Guinsoo  Made DotA: allstar was not for money. He do care about these thing. I guess he probly want this game to be free if there is no maintance fee to pay for.
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Oh, you mean LOL?

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Personally I chose LoL over HoN (I'm in both beta with more than 2 account at both.) 
At first I tried both game for one week (played around 100-150 games each).  This is what I feel: 
1.) HoN community is a bit #&%$*. Why? In mine first game I got a score of 3-4-2 (beucase of mine sucky Vid card it lag every sec, they should change defult to all nomal and low) choosing Valk (PotM in DotA). Not bad for a first game (if you count that I need to click the minimap to scroll the game because the window of window mode is too large.), but mine teammate keep blaming me just because I missed ONE arrow and dying 4 times. 
2.) The AoE spell visual in HoN need some change, it is hard to see where you are. (fixed, they change some of them.) 
3.) The health bar  in HoN need some serious visual changes. It is VERY hard to find which one is enemy and which is teammate. (note: there is a VERY thin line around the health bar, ones with red color is enemy, ones with green is freindly.) 
4.) Both have leaver protection system, anti- map hack (I assume LoL have it since you can disable Peer to Peer trans, and it is server-client) 
5.) LoL is free, while HoN need to pay a one time fee. (both approved by offcial.) 
6.) Before the game starts LoL is in a window mode. So you can do other thing while waiting. HoN need to press Window button to come out (which is annoying).
7.) HoN rating system sucks. (staff said there will be a new one though.) 
8.) HoN have a better graphic style. 
9.) LoL have better balance, not just heros but things like back door, buff (runes in DotA). (They got one guy that balanced Wc3.) 
10.) LoL is more fun in early game 
11.) HoN can deny creeps, but lol can't (but it force player to be more active in early game. This is the reason for #10) 
12.) LoL have BUSHES, where you can hide without letting enemy seeing you. 
13.) LoL have free unlimit TP without needing a space in inventory. 
14.) LoL have MUCH smaller map. (more chance ganking.)
15.) LoL config option menu sucks. (99% it is a place holder. It is a black page with option box in it.) 
16.) HoN support in-game chat by defult (no config needed.). 
17.) A very annoy per-purchasing Ad in the HoN game menu (where you log in). 
18.) LoL have more guide written even thought HoN have 5 times more beta keys given out. (I didn't count the very poor written one) 
19.) HoN doesn't have working rating-game match (they will have it of cause). So we need to find player ourself. 
20.) You can re-skin hero in LoL on your own. If you know how to. ( I dunno about HoN) 
21.) HoN hotkey is ten time more easy to config then LoL (most people don't even know how to config hotkey in LoL).  I guess it is because LoL menu is still place-holders. 
22.) HoN have Pudge.  LoL don't. (staff say they might add one if the communtiy really wants one)
23.) LoL make more sense lore-wise.  
24.) Summoner system (in LoL) is a good idea. So poeple won't leave games and create a new account then leave.    
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Sounds great! And free is the best price after all.

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If you are interviewing for a "senior management position" on a topic you don't know much about and are asking a public message board for information on....I'm not sure how to respond to that besides "Wait, what?"

So...wait, what?

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@extomar said:

If you are interviewing for a "senior management position" on a topic you don't know much about and are asking a public message board for information on....I'm not sure how to respond to that besides "Wait, what?"

So...wait, what?

Even better in a thread that has been inactive for 4 years. Hire this man!

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You used to have to pay for League of Legends?

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I don't like the idea of locking staff-posted news articles, but do it.

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