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Super Mario 64

If approaching the corridor at the first Bowser level without enough stars, Mario will continue to run down the corridor forever, only to realise that when he turns around, he's only mere steps away from the door he entered.


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The ending to Limbo is quite abrupt and is open to much interpretation. After the final puzzle, the boy is violently thrown out in the forest once again, with many similarities to the opening scene of Limbo.
After travelling for a moment, the player comes across a young girl. When the young girl sees the boy, she stands up. The game then abruptly ends and the credits begin to roll. When the credits end, the two children are shown again in the forest area but this time, they are lying on the ground with flies surrounding their corpses.
The ending of the game has a number of interpretations that can be drawn from the proceedings. Since the game is named Limbo, it is believed by some that the boy completes his journey by returning to the place where he once started; therefore playing through the game again shows how his world is just a never-ending cycle. Some believe that the two children have already died and that meeting each other in the end seals their fate and they continue to the afterlife. A number of theories exist on the matter.

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