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Good, but short and overpriced 0

Limbo is one of those artistic inde platformers in the vein of Braid.  It focuses on simple controls, refined presentation, and puzzle solving.  It is an interesting experience, but I can't help coming away not quite satisfied.  The first thing you should probably know about Limbo is that it is short, very short.  It feels like a slightly longer flash game.  You are looking at about 3 hours of gameplay max.  There is not a whole lot of replay value in the game either.  Normally, being short isn'...

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Why Limbo Sucked 0

With all the end-of-year awards popping up now, I figured I should finally let my complete and utter distaste for this game out of hiding.  The source of my loathing is very simple: When you begin a new game of Limbo, there is absolutely no indication of when the game has actually started.  It just transitions into a completely black screen.  How are you supposed to know that there is a boy sleeping on the ground with his eyes closed?  After waiting for something to happen for a few minutes, I f...

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Limbo, kind of meh 0

Right off the bat they drop you in this world you are slowly revealing with natives and giant spiders. But very quickly does it change to a bland enviroments with clever and difficult puzzles. Do not get me wrong I enjoy the puzzles, solving them really does feel satisfying. But the game loses everything that made the first part of the game feel really cool. It was just boxes, ladders and saws. the world felt very bland to me, I soon found myself bored and no longer interested in this world I wa...

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You have to experience Limbo for yourself. 0

          Very cool game. Really neat puzzles and awesome visual style. It's definately worth buying. If I were to say that games are art Limbo would be my first example. It's really something else.             The excellent use of foreground and background really gives you a sense of being lost in an otherworldly realm. The  lack of music and use of creepy sound effects is great. Every second of the game, from start to finish has a perfect atmosphere. The ending is great too.             The ma...

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Limbo: Post PLaying Thoughts 0

Having been excited for this release for sometime now, today was the day it was released.  I woke up excited to purchase and play and after having played it to the end in one sitting, here are my post play thoughts.  "STORY"In the beginning the kid awakens in a strange and mysteriously dark world; what a mood setter from the go.  Just dropped in, no preface, no reasons, just get up and go.  As you progress, the "story" unfolds little, if any, until the last moment before the credits where everyt...

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LIMBO Review 0

There comes a time where an XBOX Live Arcade game that looks so simple can draw you in so hard. This is one of those games. LIMBO puts you in the roll of a lost boy, and it is your job to solve all the puzzles/obstacles that stand in your way. This game was developed by PlayDead and can only be found on the XBOX Live Arcade.Graphically I thought this game was going to feel very flat with the monochromatic design, but I was wrong there is a lot of depth of feel in this game, and after a while you...

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Good but short 0

I loved this game.   I'm not a huge platformer fan, but I like them when they are puzzle focused and have a lot of artist style.  This totally hit that mark for me.  But it felt a little short compared to Braid, the game which it is often compared. ...

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Something quite different. 0

A man once said that videogames could never be art, he then redacted his statement because of the bad press it was attracting, Ebert was right though, for the most part, videogames could never be art, as “art” is defined; the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions. It encompasses a diverse range of human activities, creations, and modes of expression, including music, literature, film, photography, sculpture, and paintings. Most ga...

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a.k.a. the game that made my mom cry because she couldn't beat it 0

Limbo is a game that sounds simple and familiar in premise, go from left to right, jump to avoid obstacles, solve puzzles to advance to the next area, and eventually find the princess, or in this case your sister. This is where the similarities to other puzzle/platformer games stop. The first thing you’ll notice once you start playing is the unique art style. There is no color in the world of Limbo only black, white, and various shades of gray in between. The visual style makes everything in thi...

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A lonely boy in a lonely world 0

How quirky it is that the official opener to Xbox Live's "Summer of Arcade" event is a creepy and enigmatic 2D platformer that can either have people say it's one of the best games of 2010 and others will think that it's just simply a great game and nothing more. In fact, Limbo's kind of the odd man out in that nearly all of the games are bright, colorful, have multiplayer or their very essence of gameplay is having a blast of a time; Limbo's gameplay seems more akin to an art film you should be...

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Limbo - not an XBOX Kinnect Limbo dancing title... 0

I'd seen Limbo in the XBOX Live arcade shop for a while.  It never really caught my attention.  Julia Hardy of Gameface fame brought it to my attention through one of her YouTube editorials.  If you heard the name Limbo - you'd be forgiven for thinking it was an up and coming Kinnect Title which involved leaning backwards and trying to dance under a horizontal pole... In fact - I may have just given away a good idea for a popular title for someone to develop!  What Limbo IS, isn't really clear. ...

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Limbo Review 0

Limbo makes a great first impression. You play as a young boy who slowly wakes up in a forest where you and everything you can interact with is completely silhouetted. All you hear is soft ambient sound from the environment and the pitter-patter of your own feet as you move. Interacting with objects - such as stepping your feet in water or climbing on tree branches - is refreshing as it is the only thing that seems to contribute additional sound. That is, until you mistakenly step in a bear trap...

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Tristan's Limbo Review 0

Limbo Hauntingly beautiful, this short indie title’s unique brand of minimalism succeeds in almost every way. Some argue that games, as a medium, could never aspire to be art. Those people have obviously never been introduced to Limbo. The premise of the game is simple enough: a young boy wakes up in the middle of a forest and begins to navigate his way through a hostile environment that seems intent on destroying him in, literally, just about every way imaginable. As you familiarize yourself...

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Good, not great. 0

The irony of Limbo is that the artistic design of the game is its greatest strength and greatest weakness.I appreciate the minimalism. I appreciate the presentation. I even appreciate the mostly well-crafted puzzle design (this is coming from someone who generally dislikes puzzle games). But, once the freshness of the presentation fades, the games flaws begin to come alight. The environment is built in such a way that every step you take could be your last. This creates a kind of wonderful tensi...

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Trial and Error Suspense Horror: A Limbo Review 0

 Originally posted on my blog   Suspense horror is not my wheelhouse. I’m a naturally jumpy guy, so I avoid most horror in general, but suspense...that’s the granddaddy of all horror. Suspense sticks with me long after the experience is over thanks to its best friend unease. Thankfully, true discomfort, true unease, true terror, they’re not reliably easy things to create. Why else would garden variety horror media lean so heavily on jump scares and similarly cheap tactics? Even if you do manage ...

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Something that feels fresh, new and interesting? Yes please. 0

  The first game of 2010 Xbox Summer of Arcade. At it's core it's a sidescrolling platformer with some puzzles but it's wrapped in some excellent visual styling and atmosphere.+'sThe game is visually simple but incredibly striking The game is a 2D sprite looking game that only uses the colors black, white and shades in between. Even with just this very limited range this game is hands down one of the most visually stunning games I've played. No two places look the same and the entire thing...

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A great game to get lost in 0

Limbo is a game for Xbox Live Arcade which is part puzzle game and part platformer. The first thing you’ll notice about Limbo is it’s unique art style which you’re not likely to have seen ever before. The whole game is black & white with subtle shades of gray. Also there is virtually no music, and what little music is in the game is more along the lines of ambient musical stingers and drones usually to increase the already tremendous sense of forboding. Story – From the game itself there is ...

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Review: Limbo (Mac) 0

The most common understanding of afterlife pit-stop, Limbo, is one that blends in with Purgatory, both associated with wavering, in-between states. In 2007 the Catholic Church released a document stating their thoughts on the eternal fates of infants who die without being baptized, concurrently addressing the validity of Limbo. Even though their proclamation did not directly disqualify the existence of Limbo, they didn't take credit for the idea either. Officially speaking, Limbo is only perpetu...

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Limbo Review 0

Publisher: Microsoft Game StudiosDeveloper: Playdead StudiosIn a market saturated by doing nothing but asking players to shoot varying enemies in the face, as you rampage through the game world, it’s much easier for games to be noticed should they step out of the mould.This can be work both for and against any developer attempting to do just that. On one hand, the game will likely catch the eye of the public. On the other hand it will need to be very good if it wants to garner any support from t...

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A Look At Limbo 0

Every once in a while there's one of those games released, that, seemingly and immediately, become contenders as arguments for the pro-side in an "are-games-art" discussion. Limbo is one of those games. It's eye-catching, atmospheric, and very much aware of what it is, for the first few sections of the game or so. Much of the pull stems directly from the art direction of which this game is spawned, and make no mistake: What makes this game stand out among others is indeed, exactly, and almost on...

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The boy's Journey 0

A boy wakes up in a gloomy forest, surrounded by giant trees and a strange atmosphere with almost no sound at all, except the ones made by his footsteps. This is how the game Limbo is presented to us. No dialogues, no introduction, just this. We have no idea what’s on the boy’s mind or why we must go on walking in that strange place but something about all that mystery made me want to play more this game.As the boy proceed he faces many challenges and puzzles, and I must say that some of them we...

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Promising start, but then just loses focus and goes nowhere 0

There are plenty of reasons why I should love Limbo. Another World is my favorite game of all time and Limbo is in a lot of ways a modern revision of the same concept. The presentation is slick and polished with a unique art style. And it has one of the best uses I have seen of a physics engine in a 2D game so far, as it uses the physics engine to  simply enhance the jumping and running in the game, not make it the physics the center-point of the game. Everything you can grab, jump on or hang on...

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Limbo's fantastic atmosphere is marred by cheap puzzle design 0

Limbo is a love/hate experience. It casts a brilliant, haunting atmosphere thick with tension and horror against an empty though thought-provoking narrative of a boy in search of his sister. The trials he faces are threatening, but also cheap and frustrating for basing each one around its gimmicky death animations.It begins with the boy awaking in a dark forest. How he ended up here is left to the imagination. Perhaps he's dead, now walking the dangerous road to the afterlife. Or maybe fell unco...

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Short, but so worth it 0

There are not many games my anti-gamer wife enjoys. It is usually the violence that puts her off first. Strangely that was not the case with Limbo. Developed by Danish Playdead Studios. Despite Limbo's (at times) grotesque violence she admitted really liking the game.  Game-play for this moody title can be described as a platform game with some puzzle and thriller elements. Only action button's are pull/push and jump button. There are frequent checkpoints and hardly any death penalty in Li...

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Limbo 0

Why does it sometimes seem that despite all of the AAA blockbuster games with mammoth marketing campaigns that come out every year, it's often the small download-only games that have the best sense of identity and atmosphere? We saw it with Braid, we saw it with Flower, and now we see it with Limbo. Well, PS3 and PC players do. 360 owners got to play it last year. I'm not one of the people who have decried this gaming generation's lack of originality and innovation, but even the people wh...

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Beautiful presentation & questionable game-play mechanics 0

Awesome atmosphere, challenging puzzles beautiful style and art direction, but still... a bit shallow in the end. :( I honestly think that had the price mark been lower than 1200 MS points (like 400 to 800 - tops - instead) I may have given it a slightly higher score, but the fact that this thing costs 1200 points is a bit perplexing considering it has 0 replay value, as far as I am concerned. There are only a small handful of secrets (many of which you will encounter as you frustratingly try to...

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In Limbo 0

I can't decide how I feel right now. I accomplished one of my weekend goals and finished Limbo last night. The problem is, I just can't come to terms with how it all turned out. I feel like I just read through a tale of two games. The first half is an intriguing adventure puzzler with some interesting scares and beautiful art style. The second half turns into an action platformer with awkward controls. So what happened?Sometimes dark and disturbing...In the recent Dead Island QL, Brad and Patric...

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A short but sweet adventure. 0

The sense of isolation in the dark, subdued, drab environments are the driving factors of Limbo’s overall product, so much that it may deviate the fact that it could easily take you one short afternoon to finish.  But Limbo is such a classically unique game full of contrastive, almost game-changing, designs that it rarely feels like a waste of time, or money.  Letting the length, or lack thereof, of such a brilliant game sway your decision is foolish when you actually consider how fantastically ...

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Great Start, Lame Finish 0

Nothing is more gripping in Limbo than it's opening two-thirds, a horrifying tromp through a deadly forest that literally had me on edge, and then a disturbing transition to an industrial city. But once you get in the city for the game's final third, things begin to fall apart, the environment's less stark, the puzzles more trial and error. Still, it is such a fantastic two-thirds, I heartily recommend it....

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A calm and creepy take on after life 0

 What's going on in the menu? The Main Menu screen has little to tell and the game tell even less as you see the little boy awake from a slumber alone in the woods. There's no word of why he is there or how he ended up there. There's only one thing to do, walk to the right and stay ahead to survive the world that is Limbo.  The little there is to know is told through the XboxLive description that the boy is looking for his sister, but for all I care he's trying to get out of the woods...

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Limbo: Fantastic 0

I spent the past year hearing how great of a game Limbo is, how everything just feels right, and how the art looks fantastic. After playing it on the PC a year after it was released on the 360 I can admit that all of these claims are 100% true.All of the parts of this game work beautifully together and the new mechanics are opened up at a pace that provides a fun challenge originally and by the end they all become second nature, allowing for interesting gameplay right until the end.My single com...

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Limbo is a Revelation in Design 0

(EDIT: 1/30/2013 - Changed Star Rating to reflect removal of half stars from the new Giant Bomb Site. Revise up to 5stars from 4.5)In the ever increasing high stakes world of Video Games it's becomingly increasing rare that I encounter what seems to a brand new idea. While it may not be the most challenging or addictive game ever made, Limbo's unusual focus on minimalist monochromatic design and narrative ambiguity creates an intense immersive experience in gaming that is not too be missed for P...

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His Sister's Name is Blob 0

Obviously, I'm kind of late to the Limbo review conga line. Oh, not that kind of Limbo? Then what have I been up to this whole time?  Anyways. to put it simply, Limbo is a side scrolling puzzle based action game. It has some amazing visuals and really knows how to set an atmosphere. The story is of a Boy who is out looking for his sister (Who I have been calling Blob. It's like they're all grown up!) after waking up in some mysterious, and incredibly creepy, woods. With nothing else to really do...

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