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Due to the recent price drop, I am strongly considering getting a PS3. I am looking for a game that has some longevity, something that can hold my attention for more than a few months.
Little Big Planet really caught my attention a while back and the positive reviews it received when it came out made me think that this may be the game I should get. It seems like a game (providing that the community for it stays strong and that DLC continues to be released for it) that I could play for years.
However, I was wondering if, months after its release, there is a LBP community creating quality levels (as opposed to a stagnant community creating a lot of really crappy and mediocre ones)? Also, gameplay-wise, is the platforming more fun than it looks? From what I've seen it looks a little clunky.
I know what the reviews have said, but I just thought I'd pose these questions to actual gamers and, being a fan of Giantbomb, I figured this community would give me an informed answer.
(I also plan on getting MGS4 and GTA IV at some point in the future. I've heard, though, that the multiplayer in those games aren't as great as the single player campaign.)

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Get Fallout 3 for longevity, I don't think Little Big Planet will hold your attention over a few months, even if you're super creative.

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Yeah there are always some awesome levels being created, and you can usually pick from the top rated ones. The Platforming is good once you get a hang of it, sometimes it gets a little weird when trying to move between the layers, but besides that it's good.
No one really plays GTA4 online anymore, which is kind of a shame.
MGO which is Metal Gear Online (MGS4's multiplayer) still has a sstrong community, but is really for the hardcore crowd.

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@TheMustacheHero: Yep, tons of levels popping up all over the place. And once you get a hang of the level creator, you really start having fun with the game. That also reminds me, I gotta finish mine.
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LBP has some of the best longevity of any PS3 game seriously, new levels pop up all the time online and if your anything like me you'll find yourself thinking off designs and machines to build on the bus before rushing home to go make them. The game is seriously good.
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@girdz: Yeah, Fallout 3 looks pretty awesome. It's definitely one I'm considering. But isn't it just a long single-player campaign? I was kind of looking for more of an interesting online multiplayer experience. I'm also looking at maybe Demon's Souls or Uncharted 2 just because (mostly for the latter) I've heard the online experience is awesome.
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@essd0g: If you're looking for online you could do better than Uncharted 2. I highly reccomend the game but there are better online experiences out there.
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@Soap: The level creating tools look really user-friendly and robust. Ever since the game was first shown I've fiddled around with potential levels in my head, so I was really glad to hear that when it came out it was pretty much as intuitive to use as they promised it would be.
Is Sony really cracking down on all these levels containing copyrighted material? I've read that a lot of the cool themed levels are being deleted.
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@essd0g:  Only if it's a pretty bad use of the characters, for example there are still a lot of Mario Kart levels all over the place. Tbh though, the best levels are usually the ones which are completely original. 
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I would say that the platforming maybe isn't the game's best feature, but the game overall is just a wonderful experience. To really get the best out of it though you need to start designing your own stuff. My jaw has dropped at the creative way others have used it - it's like a little shrine to human ingenuity :).
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@essd0g said:

"I was wondering if, months after its release, there is a LBP community creating quality levels (as opposed to a stagnant community creating a lot of really crappy and mediocre ones)?"

Yes. LittleBigPlanet Central is home to many, if not most of the brightest creators out there and quality levels can always be found in the Level Showcase and Recommendations forums. On top of that, they do a monthly Community Spotlight. You could essentially play levels only from LBP Central and never run out of levels. In fact, many users there do.

"Also, gameplay-wise, is the platforming more fun than it looks? From what I've seen it looks a little clunky."

While the platforming is more "clunky" than, say, Super Mario Bros. by no means does that make it any less fun.
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If you really get into the creation side of things, then yes, it will hold you for a LONG time. Don't forget there is water being added to the game soon aswell, so that should lengthen things.
I still have a buddy on my PS3 friends list who has practically played LBP exclusively for the past year. There have been other games here and there -- but I'd hazard he's put in maybe 300 hours into that game.

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The main game is very short. New Super Mario Bros DS short. 
 After that, decorating your pad is cool. 
Looking for cool online levels to play, there are some beautiful ones, but the background music gets annoying and it just became a boring hunt for nice levels to play in.
 soon lost it's charm to me. And I don't much fancy creating levels, I just want to play. 
However, I do recommend trying it once, it's a lovely game, just not for longevity in my opinion, unless you love to create and share.

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I ended up getting the PS3 bundle that includes Little Big Planet: Game of The Year Edition and Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time at Best Buy on Black Friday for $299. I'm really enjoying playing online in LBP. I haven't made any of my own levels yet, though I'm looking forward to when I get the time (I'm currently playing through MGS4). Thanks for the advice guys, I really enjoy the game.

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