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From the makers of Final Fantasy comes Lost Odyssey

was excited, worried and also happy that this game was one of the first RPG's to come out this year, this game is infact a story telling game where you just get to fight and hear some pretty good voice acting but there are a couple of things that hold this game back from its true potential.

First thing comes first im sorry to say to all who just decided to give this game a 9.5 and a can't give a game with a bad frame rate a 10 or a 9.5 thats just not going to happen...yes infact you must be a patient person to enjoy this game and you must also like leveling up your characters above where they should be just to get past the next boss as well as the loading times which can be long and last to about a minute especially when the graphics aren't the best even though they are running on the Unreal Engine.

Ok so the story as i said is the absoloute best part about this game. This story is about a character named Kaim who just so happens to be immortal (as well as other imortals that you will get to meet) it just so happens that he lost his memory and over time in the game pieces of his memory come back to him.

So yea Kaim....immortal sounds boring right? well as you move through the game you see beautiful area's and scenary and when you get to see his memory through dreams and story telling its a beautiful thing.

There is also corruption that happens in the main city of the game where Gorrgon (or w.e his name is) is creating the Grand Staff which channels magic energy and makes it more stronger (which is why at the start of the game a huge metor comes crashing down and basically kills almost everyone).

To be honest there is not much more i know about the story anymore then that. This game is around 120 hours long so cut me some slack lol.

The gameplay is something that you would find from Final Fantasy being a turn based RPG that allows you do moves each turn depending on your spead and how much mana (MP) you have then seeing how long it will take to cast and blah blah blah...its basically the same thing you've done over and over again in any other RPG just with the additon of these rings.

These rings allow you to do more damage...or just do the same damage to a target. When your just attacking with a weapon you pull down the right trigger as the ring gets smaller into the other ring on the target where you can get Bad. Good or perfect which is the maximum amount of damage, some rings have affect ring might steal MP from a target when you attack or do fire damage so its more effective against like grass. (note that the rings do not affect spells).

As i said the graphics of the game are...meh...the character models are so so depending on the character but what really stands out is usually the background and the scencary which looks really nice...but the problem is that it slows down depending on where you are, and its the same thing in the cut scenes which are probably the best graphics in the game but sometimes cause huge amounts of lag.

The sound is of good quality and is above average when rain starts falling it sounds like really rain or anything else that interacts with the scenary but im just not into a small noise when you cast a spell like flare or wind or something like that its just a quick noise then done.

Overall as i said this game dosent deserve a 9.5 or a 10 you must be a patient person to get the full enjoyability (which isnt a word i know just bare with me) or if your just in RPG's you could actually buy this game being 120 hours long and should take you a long time to get through, this game has a great story alright gameplay laggy graphics and alright sound

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