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 Looks Like Lumines
Lumines Live! was Q Entertainment's first game on Xbox Live Arcade being released in October 2006. The XBLA size limit at the time hampered the Base Pack's content and it was heavily criticized for being overpriced at 1200 Microsoft Points (fifteen dollars). It was later dropped to 800 Microsoft Points (ten dollars) being available as part of the Arcade Hits program. The Base Pack offered about twenty skins from all the modes (Base, vs. CPU, Puzzle, and Time Attack)  provided. The game had long legs of numerous DLC in the upcoming months after it launched of more skins and if all of them were bought, the game could take up about a GB in hard drive space. It retained the Lumines formula well of addicting gameplay and Q's signature additions of music being controlled within the game. It was promised that licensed songs like Madonna's "Sorry" (Her music video was shown when the game was first announced) and some songs from Lumines II would make it to this XBLA version, but Q never delivered on that end.Another mode in the game is the Skin Edit mode, where it is like a customized playlist of mixing skins of your preference to play 40 levels. Lumines Live! is also sold as a retail release called Qubed along with Rez HD and Every Extend Extra Extreme.

Downloadable Content

At the game's launch, Q promised a lot of DLC for the game with more skins to all the modes (Some of them were free).

  • Advance Pack - This was out at the game's launch offering another single-player mode with more skins (about 20).
  • vs. CPU Pack - More skins were added to the vs. CPU mode.
  • Heavenly Star Pack - Genki Rockets song, "Heavenly Star," was available as a skin.
  • Tokyo Club Mix Pack
  • Breeze Pack - Another Genki Rockets song, "Breeze" came out as DLC.
  • Holiday Pack - Holiday skins for the normal single player mode.

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