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An amazingly entertaining experience, even with horrible flaws 6

 Paradox Interactive is mostly known for their work on very serious and complex strategy games in line of Europa Universalis, where you take on the role of a dictator and manage an empire with your vast knowledge. This is no laughing matter, as there are treaties to sign, research to be done and more very stern tasks. Magicka is not one of these games.    They look tough now, but these colorful bathrobes are going to die more deaths than the Suicide Bunnies.   Qui...

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Buckets of fun 0

Played 5 hours of it now, at chapter 5, and I feel I'm ready to pass judgement on this thing.  I find it awesome. It's kind of rough around the edges, but the core game, especially the way it handles casting is just so much fun. I seem to be one of the lucky few who have not had the game crash constantly. In fact, I've yet to experience a CTD in this game.     There are tons of references to known movies and games in this game, as well as some more obscure references. Your familiarity with games...

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Great ideas, but too repetitive with tough controls 0

 I'll be honest, I didn't make it more than halfway through this game's campaign.  I just... couldn't.  Quite simply, this game is 95% combat (I checked to make sure the rest of the game was the same, and it is)  and the combat was not satisfying.   The introduction to the game (as seen in the Quick Look) is entirely misleading.  In the beginning, the player must solve puzzles by combining his magic or using it in interesting ways.  For instance, a generator that is beyond a gap mus...

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I've never seen such a thing.. unless.. Thats familiar.. 0

an isometric view like Diablo 2, coop like Diablo 2, but the "wild" magick-combos are fun to learn. The Story is kinda movie-based with all this nice little klishees everyone loves about this characters or scenes. Only one class but with sword and staff.. Its FUN. All the time you just goes from one smiling face over to the next.   Don't watch the Trailer. (The one on Steam), try the Demo first.. Otherwise you'll miss something.. I can't put it in words.. it's just a great game but a crappy trai...

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Better shield up, I'm gonna try something. 0

Magicka is an interesting little game developed by Arrowhead Game Studios. I would call it an action rpg but it manages to avoid just about all the trappings of the genre. While you do have a life bar, there is no inventory, no potions to chug, no  sidequests and at no time do you level up. You’re a wizard, and once you complete the tutorial, ostensibly all the magic available in the game is open for you to use (with the exception of Magicks you have to find the spell books for) right fr...

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Diablo-Like With MAGICK! 0

Imagine if you were in a mystical world, a world of magic, sorcery, monsters, kings, knights, not vampires, and... an M60 machine gun? Magicka is a quirky homage to both Diablo styled RPGs as well as numerous internet memes, jokes, and references, all piled into a fun little walkabout. The game opens with you (and your colleagues, should you be playing co-op) sitting at your desk asleep, while your mentor, Vlad (certainly not a vampire, at his behest) tells you what your mission over the course...

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Mastery of the elements and micro have come together. 0

Of all the game publishing companies I have been buying from, Paradox Interactive has really been an interesting one to follow.  If ever a publisher could be considered a friend of the "indie" community, I think it might be them. From picking up Tale Worlds' - Mount & Blade to Fatshark's - Lead and Gold to so many other titles from greatly talented groups of developers who in today's market may have otherwise been left out. I should say that I am truly impressed. and having added Arrowhead ...

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