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Somehow Bowser has gotten a hold of a time machine, called the Timulator. Using the Timulator he goes back in time and steals many important artifacts of history. Bowser

Title Screen of Mario's Time Machine

places all of these artifacts that he has taken into what he considers to be "the greatest museum of all time." Bowser will then destroy the Timulator after he is done building his collection, and therefore change the course of history forever. It is up to Mario to stop Browser from completing his collection of artifacts and return them to their respected time era's. If the artifacts are not brought back history will be changed permanently


The basic gameplay consists of players talking to historic figures and solving basic puzzles in order to return the artifact to it's rightful owner. Before Mario can travel back in time however he must fill in the answers to a quiz dealing with the basic time period and artifact in question, once the quiz is answered the date and correct coordinance will be revealed and Mario will be able to travel back in time. When travelling back in time, players play a brief minigame where Mario travels trough a wave pool with many whirlpools, the objective here is to grab enough mushrooms and deposit them into a wave pool in order to travel back in time. If Mario does not collect enough mushrooms before falling into a whirlpool or goes to the wrong year, he travels back into prehistoric time, where he must play a version of Donkey Kong in order to get back to the museum where players can opt to try again.

Historical figures

The historical figure that are featured in the game are:

Critical Reception

When the SNES version was released in 1993 Electronic Gaming Monthly issued the review scores of 7,7,6 and 7. Danyon Carpenter wrote, "I actually enjoyed Mario is Missing and I expected this one to be the same. Luckily, it is and it offers even more challenging quests than the first. Kiddies may have a tougher time with this one. For all you experienced gamers, the game will seem like a cakewalk, especially the Donkey Kong-like scenes and the surf boarding, but once you start reading those questions you'd better break out the history books".

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