Guide: How to survive the suicide mission & save everyone?

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Just finished, here's what I used and had everyone live:
Had all 3 ship upgrades.
All were loyal.
Used Jack and Mordin for squad progressing through. 

Vents: Legion
1st Squad Leader: Miranda
Shields: Samara
2nd Squad Leader: Miranda
Escort: Jacob
Last Battle: Grunt and Thane
Jack was pretty pissed off at the idea of Miranda leading, so I brought Jack along with me instead of going with Miranda. Don't know if that's a variable or not. But more data helps.

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He can piss off.  The only thing I did with him the entire game was his side quest.
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I''m about to go through the omega relay but i just realized that legion isn't loyal. I don't really know how that happened. Will that affect the mission? If so how can i get him loyal again?

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@Eversoranimus said:

" I''m about to go through the omega relay but i just realized that legion isn't loyal. I don't really know how that happened. Will that affect the mission? If so how can i get him loyal again? "

What did you do when tali confronts Legion? if you side with Legion you lose Tali's loyalty, and if you side with Tali you lose Legion's loyalty. But it you have a high enough renegade or Paragon you can please them both and keep both of their loyalty 
Here is what I did in the end. 
Tubes: Legion 
Squad Leader #1: Jacob
Squad Leader #2: Thane
Shields: Samara 
Escort: Legion 
Final Party Members: Tali and Jacob 
Only Thane died so don't make him a squad leader like I did.
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Tip: Samara is not a qualified leader for a squad (apparently), Legion died as a result so I didn't even play any further than that.

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Vent: Tali
1st Squad Leader: Garrus
Shield: Samara
2nd Squad Leader: Garrus
Escort: Grunt
Team Throughout (and in boss battle): Miranda & Mordin
Beat it in under 18 hours, first try with those guys. Glad, too, my saves were weird and if I screwed up, I would have been screwed!

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Ok so that's what i did wrong. I sided with Tali during their confrontation. Haven't had a chance to go through it yet, so does this mean Legion will die or is there a way to save him?
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@Killjoi:  if zaeed dies does that count against you 
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Vents: Legion 
1st Squad Leader: Garrus
Shields: Samara
2nd Squad Leader: Jacob
Escort: Zaeed
Crew for last battle: Tali/Jack

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So Jack was the only one not loyal because of the whole Miranda vs. Jack thing and she died.  I'm guessing I have to have her loyal next time to be able to do it?

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A question to those having Mordin die: Did you make his omnitool upgrade for him or not?

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@Killjoi: Heyo mate, I got a combo for ya that isn't published there.
Assume all upgrades acquired, and all team members are loyal. 
Vents: Tali 
1st Squad Leader: Garrus 
Shields: Samara 
2nd Squad Leader: Miranda 
Escort: Garrus 
Crew for Last Battle: Tali / Mordin 
This is another combination resulting in a mission success with no casualties.
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This might find this useful.
The character who gives a status report after you destroy the tanks will not die regardless if he/she is not loyal.

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Here's another one that works to get everyone out alive as long as all other requirements are in place.  It is a slight modification of my earlier successful list in that I switched Legion out and put Tali on the vents (both are tech specialists).  Also, I switched Grunt out and put Mordin on escort (it doesn't seem to matter who you put on this task, as long as the other tasks are delegated properly).  My final team was Miranda and Tali this time.  Again, no casualties.  Maybe I'll stick Jacob in there as a squad leader next time.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Vents: Tali (is tech master)
1st Squad Leader: Garrus (has leadership experience)
2nd Squad Leader: Miranda (has leadership experience)
Shield Barrier: Jack (is powerful biotic)
Escort: Mordin (is adequate for the task)

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the only thing i can think of for legion/tali dying is because after A House Divided, i sided with tali, and didnt use the paragon persuasion option, im assuming this is the reason why. but i put legion in the vents=nialed by seeker, next i put tali in the vents=naied by seeker, i went back to legion because i simply love tali and legion was the only guy who died. so any insight regarding my theory would be appreciated
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That is exactly right.  You lost loyalty when you did not use the paragon option during Tali and Legion's argument.  The same goes for the Jack and Miranda argument.  The Renegade and Paragon persuasion options are the only way to settle the argument and still keep them both loyal.  It does seem to be crucial that all party members are loyal if you want to get them all out alive.
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@all thoose that are having tali / legion die after the vents.... i think it is based on who the destraction squad leader is, since if he isnt "distracty" enough the collectors can get the shot through and kill em, if u arnt using them, try garrus / miranda / jacob for those tasks, as they're the confirmed ones so far
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1st Squad Leader


2nd Squad Leader


Crew for last battle

Seemed to work that way, besides getting Mordin killed for the reasons in the first post, I'll try using him as escort in my second playthrough to see if that solves the problem. If a solid solution is found then I'll be looking for it in the first post :)
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SHIIIIIIIT. Failed to get Zaeeds loyalty and then forgot by the end. Miranda didn't make it as a result. Aside from that I followed everything perfectly. I didn't even know she died until the VERY end of the game. 
Oh wait. Miranda's loyalty can be lost in the Jack argument? That's probably where I went wrong.

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Ok i will post how i did it hoping it will help someone.  This combinations has the best chances of success far as i saw :
Class: Soldier
Dificulty level: Insanity
All ship upgrates. (including the med bay)
All the team was loyal except jack. 
Team configuration :
Specialist : Legion
1st Team Leader: Garus
Escort: Mordin
Shielder: Samara
2nd Team Leader: Miranda
Team on the final battle: Legion and Garus.  
Do not send unloyal members as escort or use them as your final battle team ,chances are that they will die. I lost them every time i tried. 
As final team configuration u can use Zaeed and Grunt as well. They pack some serious fire power. Just make sure u have Zaeed's  loyalty.

Now here is a bit tricky. If u want to get jack's loyalty as well u will need to have full paragon or renegate points to persue the conversation. U will find it hard to get those but if u will get them after u made jack's loyalty quest u will not be able to gain back jack's or miranda's loyalty back. I had full paragon before jumping in the suicide mission and i didnt had the option tu convince jack since i sided whit miranda. So i gues u will need to have those skills full before u make jack's loyalty quest. Doing Legion's quest as a final quest before the suicide mission wont change anything. I tried all the posible combinations (game takes 20-25 hours whit the side quest too ... i spend 10 more hours exploiting all the scenarios). My advice will be to keep jack's loyalty quest to the final. 
One more thing i noticed even if i might been just some bad luck, game difficulty might influence your survival odds. Might been just a coincidence but i lost 2 members in the suicide mission after i replayed on a different difficulty level, and i used same team which worked previously whit same upgrates.
If you have any questions feel free to pm.

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@Wes899: I'm pretty desperate to have Miranda killed. Can you give me this setup? 
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thanks 4 the help, i guess ill just have to ensure Legion's and Tali's loyalty next time, everyone else made it. so assuming this is correct, hyere is my setup: 
Vents: Legion (anti matter rifle)
1st Leader: Garrus (no upgrades) 
2nd Leader: Garrus 
Shield: Samara 
Escort: Grunt (Both vitalities and claymore shotgun) 
Crew the entire time: Tali/Moridan
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1st Squad Leader


2nd Squad Leader


Crew for last battle

 Fighting the giant floating ball: Garrus and Tali - Reasoning - Getting Garrus warmed up to lead a squad, getting Tali warmed up for kicking some collector ass. Dunno if this one matters, but here ya go.
Vents: Legion - Reasoning - Max AI hacking, machine so he won't make a mistake. He also won't be bothered by the heat up there due to lack of skin tissue.
1st Squad Leader: Garrus - Reasoning - He's led a squad before on Omega, and he knows how you run it. He is quite capable of handling himself and the squad. His personality makes sure that he WILL get everyone out alive.
Shields: Jack - Reasoning - Most powerful biotic on your team and perhaps the galaxy. Who better maintaining the shield?
2nd Squad Leader: Garrus - Reasoning - Same as above, already shown that he can do it successfully.
Escort: Thane - Reasoning - He's an assassin and master at finding ways in and out of places. He can surely find some secret exit paths and keep the survivors safe.
Crew for last battle: Tali and Grunt - Reasoning - Who I had all game. Tali is still the best support character in the game, and Grunt is nice backup.
First time I picked Zaeed as second squad leader, and he died. Had all ship upgrades, character specific upgrades, and had Legion with his special sniper. Hope this helps some people.
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All party members survived.   
All loyalty missions completed.
75% Renegade
Vents: Legion;  First Squad Leader: Garrus; First Stage Party: Miranda and Thane
Shields: Samara;  Second Squad Leader: Miranda; Second Stage Party: Jack and Moridin
Escort: Grunt; Last Battle: Miranda and Thane

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So, just reading some people's comments about losing Jack's or Miranda's trust - their trust missions were like the first ones I did, so they had they're confrontation pretty early on for me. I only had like 40 - 45% paragon points, maybe 50%. I was able to convince them to stop arguing and not lose any trust. 
In contrast, the Tali - Legion confrontation happened for me right before I jumped through the Omega 4 relay, so I had like 100% paragon, with like 25% renegade at that point and had no problem stopping that argument. 
I think the order of arguments matters - the one that happens later requires more paragon/renegade points than the first one.
Another thought, though - my uploaded character had full Charm and nearly full Intimidate from the last game - could this have been a factor in the conversation options? May have made my character more charismatic, and thus she needed less paragon/renegade points? Maybe?

#126 Posted by ElectricBoogaloo (369 posts) -

Tried the Legion, Garrus, Jack, Miranda, Grunt, Mordin/Miranda set up and it worked perfectly. I had loyalty with everyone apart from Zaaed, which worried me, but it didn't seem to matter in the end.

#127 Posted by BulletStorm (494 posts) -

Vents - Legion 
Squad Leader - Garrus 
Shields - Samara 
Squad Leader - Garrus  
Escort - Zaeed 

#128 Posted by Maxszy (2074 posts) -

First play through I used: Legion for the vents, Mordin for the 1st Squad Leader, Shields Jack, Samara as the 2nd Squad Leader, and Tali for the scort. I lost Legion and Samara. It sucked. I realized Samara wasn't probably the best pick now. I had all loyalty except Miranda who I lost and could never get back. So...yeah. On my second play through, hope to get all of them out alive but I also don't want to just follow a formula so we will see how it goes!

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I had Legion hack the door, Miranda lead both teams, and Garrus escort back the crew members, and I got no deaths. Just make sure you have Legion or Tali hack the door, and Miranda or Garrus lead both teams, and you should be fine. There's no dice rolls involved here.

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Had everyone loyal except Jack. Had the armor, shield, and gun upgrade for the ship.   Had Tali on vents and Garrus as 1st leader. Then had Thane escort and Garrus lead again.   Surprised me that I could get it without all people loyal. 
EDIT: Samara on shield

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@BulletStorm: Legion, Garrus, Samara, Garrus, Jacob, Thane/Garrus. I think.
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Wow, after reading through this topic I don't know how I made it through the end without losing anyone. I must have gotten crazy lucky. I had everything upgraded that I could and had all the loyalty quests done before I got Legion. I did his and then went through the Omega 4 relay.

Vents - Legion  (Party: Mordin, Tali)
1st Squad Leader - Jacob 
Shields - Samara (Party: Mordin, Garrus)
2nd Squad Leader - Miranda 
Escort - Zaeed 
Last Battle - Mordin, Jack

#133 Posted by PushThePig (64 posts) -

Yeah I used  

Vents - Legion  
1st Squad Leader - Gsarrus 
1st Party - Grunt, Thane 
Shields - Samara 
Shield Party - Garrus, Grunt 
Escort - Garrus 
Last Battle - Grunt, Thane 
and Mordin ended up dying somehow. I did all the loyalty missions, most likely all the side missions, had almost all upgrades, and went through almost all conversations with all characters. I wonder if Mordin dying is a bug or something, because Joker said no casualties when Shepard asks about the team right before the end, but then all the sudden Mordin was dead at the end of the game.

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Here is what I have:

Tali and Legion work for Tech Specialists.

Garrus does not.

Samara and Zaheed do not work for First Fireteam leaders

Garrus does 

Mordin does not work for Second Fireteam leader

Garrus does (I used him twice)

Jack works for Biotic Specialist (You may need L5 implants, I had them when I did it.)  
Mordin and Zaheed work for escort (Use Mordin because he is very likely to die.) 
In the final battle I've taken Garrus, Legion, and Grunt with no problems (If you don't have the ability for your class, Armor Piercing rounds are great for taking down the final boss and the Collectors.) 
Both Tali and Mordin died in while defending the door. 
Best advice? Keep weak support character in your team and use people with upgrades or who are known to be experienced in the field. 
Modrin is good at stealth so he makes a good escort. Garrus lead his Archangel team, he makes a great leader.
On the flipside Jack had the L5 implants so I used her for biotics, and I'm sure Legion and Grunt have a better chance of defending the door without dieing due to either Armor or Weapon upgrades.


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i didn't get zaeed's loyalty will i be able to do it still?

#136 Posted by The_Philosopher (570 posts) -
@MildMolasses said:
" None of you are interested in just playing the game and seeing how things turn out? When I get to it, if everyone lives I'll be happy. If a bunch of them die, then I'll live with that  "
I played normally the first time around but on my second play through I followed this guide so everyone would live. I agree with you, people should just make their own choices for the first play through at least.
#137 Posted by ImperiousRix (2963 posts) -

Just got through (was fuckin' on the edge entire time) and nobody died!  I had quite a few upgrades (all the ship ugrades, a lot of armor and weapons, a lot of the squad specific upgrades, and everybody was loyal except for Zaeed).  
Vents: Legion (needed somebody with tech specialities, so I was torn between Legion, Tali, and Mordin.  Went with Legion for his cold efficiency) 
1st Squad Leader: Garrus (wanted to give him a chance to shine with his squad-leading ability.  He did not disappoint) 
Escort: Mordin (figured he could handle it and I wanted to give him something to do.  Luckily it worked out) 
2nd Squad Leader: Miranda (wanted to give another character a moment in the sun.  Knew that her and Jacob had good experience with leading teams) 
Biotic: Samara (Jack was pissed off because I bailed on her for Tali, so I didn't want to jeopardize the mission.  Knew Samara had great skills) 
My squad: Thane and Tali (1st leg), Jacob and Tali (2nd leg), and Thane and Tali (final battle) 
I couldn't be happier with how things went...

#138 Posted by Chaser324 (6866 posts) -

Combination #10 with Mordin/Garrus in my crew for the final battle worked for me.

#139 Posted by xyzygy (10104 posts) -

OK, I have 2 questions coming from a friend of mine. He had everyone at full loyalty, and then lost Miranda's loyalty because he coudln't pick either of the Paragon or Renegade choices during that one fight, (You know, the one in Miranda's office). He also doesn't have Zaeed's loyalty because he didn't have the Paragon levels for that either. So, 
1. Is the 6th strategy on that list feasable? Everyone is loyal except Miranda and Zaeed. Putting Miranda as the squad leader for that part will probably kill her because she isn't loyal. Jacob is really the only other choice... Unless you can use Garrus again. Can you?  
2. Does Zaeed affect this? He's not loyal, and if he dies, does it still count? He is DLC, which is making us confused.

#140 Posted by ImperiousRix (2963 posts) -
1.) You can pick the same person as squad leader both times as long as you don't send them back to the Normandy with the survivors.  Also, take note that other people also might die if you put an unloyal person in a seat of power, so it's just something to consider. 
2.) I personally didn't have Zaeed's loyalty, and didn't assign him any jobs.  I also didn't have him in my squad, so in the end, he survived the whole mission somehow.
#141 Posted by ArchScabby (5809 posts) -

I had Legion do the vents and he ended up dead. Was  it because I had Jacob lead the other team?

#142 Posted by Lotier (3 posts) -
@ArchScabby: I would think so yes. A lot of people see Legion/Tali die at that point, I think its because the Fire Leader isn't a great enough leader, in your case Jacob. (Which is odd as Jacob is seen as a leader, was he loyal to you?) 
e.g, If the Fire Leader of section 1 isn't a good enough leader the specialist will be shot in the head while trying to push the doors shut.
#143 Posted by Lotier (3 posts) -
@JeepCompassGirl: Who was on your team for the final battle?
#144 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6318 posts) -
@ArchScabby said: Yes. If your fire team leader is bad they will not provide supressing fire and your tech specialist will die. 
  On the other hand, if you have a bad fire team leader in the second team the leader will die.
Also I finally got everyone through: 
Tech: Legion (With Sniper and no armor upgrades)
FireTeam1: Garrus 
Biotic: Jack (With Biotic Upgrade)
FireTeam 2: Garrus 
Escort: Mordin (With Tech Upgrade)
Final Team: Tali, Garrus 
So here is what I have detemined you need: 
Tech: Tali or Legion
FireTeam1: Has to be a character with esperience Leading, not just fighitng. 
Biotic: Go with a pure Biotic character, I wouldn't tempt fate with Jack if you don't have her upgrade. 
FireTeam2: Someone who can take a shotgun to the chest. Or Mordin if you want to hear his "Hold the Line" segment. Which was awesome. 
Escort: Use this as chance to get one of your weaker characters out of the fight. Mordin and Tali have died several times for me in the final battle, so I'd recommend seending one of them unless you want to take them into the final battle. 
Final Team: Take weaker people. Allies really don't help at all against the final boss, so it doesn't matter who you bring. It is more about keeping tough front line fighters defending the door. You are allowed to keep three people away from defending (1 escort, 2 for team) so use it wisely. 
Hope that helped. Maybe we can find all the combos at some point.
#145 Posted by Capum15 (5050 posts) -
@LordXavierBritish said:
Escort: Use this as chance to get one of your weaker characters out of the fight. Mordin and Tali have died several times for me in the final battle, so I'd recommend seending one of them unless you want to take them into the final battle.
Kinda funny, I used both of them for the last battle. Mordin's heat blast thing was really useful on armor, and Tali's assault drone distracted the Harbinger ones. I ended up using tactic #1. I had a hard time deciding whether or not to use Samara or Jack for the shield, but I usually have Jack on an away-team, so I took her along. Guess I'm glad I upgraded pretty much everything.
Basically, Garrus keeps whoever you send through the vents alive by lining everyone up and using suppressive fire to cover the vent person.
Everyone lived.
#146 Posted by r4126 (1 posts) -

I think i may have something on whoever goes thru the pipes. 

My first playthru, I sent Mordin thru the pipes, and when he died, it seemed that Harbinger was the one who killed him. My other 2 playthroughs, I used Tali, who survived, but Harbinger was dead by the time i opened the last gate, where he was alive the first  time when i sent Mordin thru. All 3 times both Mordin and Tali were loyal (the first time Tali died in the Normandy - Collecter Cruiser duel).
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I lost Zaeed and Legion and I'm not playing the whole game through to change it. Zaeed was a frigging DLC dude and Legion is one of many, no biggie :D I really didn't know why I lost Legion. I didn't assign him for anything and he was loyal and decked out.

#148 Posted by Lotier (3 posts) -
@Terjay: Legion my be one of many, but he is still very unique.
#149 Posted by Luke (1609 posts) -
@Killjoi: I just finished the game tonight and just have 2 Achievements left to unlock (Level 30 and Insanity).  Here was my suicide mission setup that worked for keeping everyone alive and is not listed in the OP: 
Vents: Legion 
1st Squad Leader: Garrus 
Shield: Samara 
2nd Squad Leader: Jacob 
Escort: Grunt 
Crew for last battle: Miranda/Mordin 
#150 Posted by Expletive (1057 posts) -

It's weird that everyone's saying you have to use a Paragon dialogue choice to diffuse the Jack/Miranda fight.
I just chose the middle option (not paragon or renegade), which was something like "Both of you, chill out" 
And I didn't lose loyalty for either one of them.

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