So i just finished this... just a few questions before ME2

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So after putting this game off for how many years i garbed in on amazon a few weeks back and sorta just blew through the main story as fast as possible. I finished the game in around 15 hours just basically hitting the main quests for the sake of having a play through to use with ME2.
My question is that in doing this have i missed any major decisions that would affect me2? For reference i don't think i even got the complete the majority of the game achievement. I imagine just the man quests have major decisions that carry over to the next game.
Was a great game just i felt the side stuff was sorta crappy and felt more like filler. Is me2 better in this regard? I usually love going and trying to finish every quest and finding everything but most of the side quests i did do just felt sorta lifeless. Also is the dlc worth a look? I think i got the bring down the sky one for free, not sure if theres any others. Thanks

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No, you didn't miss too much important content. But you did miss some enjoyable content.

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Mass Effect 2 is completely different in feel from the first. Side stuff is filled with generally great story and much less exploration. Much more linear. As for the effect this had, there are loads of references and direct conversations you can have with characters met on side quests in the game. The big decisions come from the story but I really enjoyed seeing and hearing about things I did in the first game because those side quest missions were often a lot more personal than the main quest, so you're more invested in their outcomes.

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So what carries over with the save to ME2. I am on ME1 und currently blowing through the main story.

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@Wuddel There are a lot of small choices that appear as references in ME 2 but the big ones is what you do with Wrex on Virmire and the other big choice on Virmire. Then the other big choice in the endgame. You'll understand when you get there.
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There are a couple little side things IIRC, but nothing super-relevant. I 100% completed ME1 because I had the time, but its far from important.

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@nintendoeats said:
"There are a couple little side things IIRC, but nothing super-relevant. I 100% completed ME1 because I had the time, but its far from important. "

If you don't care about Wrex, the Virmire sacrifice, the council and how the galaxy thinks of humanity, then yes it is far from important. If you do care about those things, I'd say it's pretty damn important.
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@dudy80:  What is carried over apart from some of the decisions is for example your paragon and renegade points. Since you get more of these on many side missions, I would imagine that you missed many opportunities got get these points. Also, when I started ME2 a few days ago, it said that my character was filthy rich and I had 150k Credits and 20k of minerals (5k each mineral) at the start of the game. Nothing too major but it's nice that my extensive planet exploration in the first game paid off.
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As much as I love the Mass Effect universe I think that whole "Save Transfer" was a bit exaggerated. You really haven't missed anything crucial to the main story but some of the side quests were fun. 

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I really don't get why people shit on ME1s side quests but praise ME2s. From what I remember, ME2s side quests are basically "hey I got an email about some robots/mercenaries, better go kill them."

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@GunslingerPanda:  True. I don't get the constant ME2 over ME1 praise either. I'm currently about 10 hours into ME2 and so far I'd say ME1 was the better game of the two.
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Not really. If you did those side quests in ME1, then in ME2 you might see a bit character you can have a conversation with or an email that pops up on your terminal. Nothing important. In fact, a lot of those "shepard, remember ME?!?" moments annoyed the hell out of me - I mean come on, in a Universe that is supposed to be as big as an entire galaxy, you're saying that I just "so-happened" to run into that specific person at that specific time? Including all those bit side-quest characters from ME1 in ME2 was just show-boating by BioWare - "hey, we really DID pull everything off your save file! Look, see this character, THAT CHARACTER WAS IN ME1 OOOOOOHHHH BET YOU'RE PRETTY PSYCHED HUH!". It made the universe seem smaller and it was largely unnecessary.  
Once again, I stress that I loved ME2. It was my GOTY. But no game is perfect, and ME2 had some problems (cough, cough *"Giant Terminator"*, cough).

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