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Best RPG of 2007.

A lot of things could be said about mass effect, Awesome storyline, Replayability, Great character customization, and the list goes on. About 100 years in the future, mankind discovers an artifact on mars that advances their technology by 200 years, making space travel and general living something unheard of today. humans call it a miracle... Other alien races call it.. Mass Effect. You start out about 200 years after the discovery as a human named Sheppard, a solder for the human alliance, you are able you choose your past, your class and your appearance. The Alliance is having a hard time establishing they're place in the counsel (the capital for the galaxy), And an evil alien named Seren is plotting to destroy the counsel for some greater good. Your mission.. To stop him and make a place for humans in the galactic counsel.

Character Customization is good, like oblivion without all the goofy looking options and the option of adding a scar adds a nice little effect. Choosing your history add a little pop to the roleplaying experience, you can choose something like being a war hero, to being born on earth without a mother or father to raise you. There are a lot of classes to choose from at the beginning, from purely combat oriented to using these powers called Biotics that let you levitate people in the air to freeze them for a certain amount of time, all of witch are useful. Advancing your skills is one of the best parts, you can become someone who does a hell of a lot of damage with assault rifles to someone who can wear armor to their maximum potential, a lot of options are available.

Choices you make throughout the game make this the most replayable game in 2007, the game may only take you 15-20 hours to finish your first time through but after you finish it one time, the game urges you to play through another time to see what other options you could have chosen. Other characters in this game are different from all the rest, i think because of the new communication system they put into the game. Characters feel real, they have a history, and they interact with you based on the choices you make. they even make you regret making those decisions. Not to mention how the people you bring along with you effect your decision as you are making it. Also, the love scene between one of your other crew members is very overrated.. A side boob and some partial butt nudity are nothing to overreact over.

The storyline isn't what you would expect from a Bioware game, it doesnt have the twists and turns you would expect. But this doesn't mean it's a bad thing, the story is deep.. Way deeper than you would think within the first hour of the game, witch is a good change of pace from your typical "Your working for him?!? He did what?!?!" That bioware usually puts in their storylines. Still making it one of the best i've experienced in a good long time. Just shows that Bioware has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Graphics are are one of the best i've seen on a 360 game, Although, at times you can come across fps problems and meshes not loading at the right time. Other than that the nice gunfire effects and special effects look fantastic. Music goes along well with Whatever actions you make, it goes from a deep horn music from whenever you do an evil act to a high action sound while in combat, it adds a good effect to the game allowing you to get into it even more.

Overall its the best game this year, and worth the 60 bucks its at, a typical run through can take about 15-20 hours depending on if you do side quests or not, but even though its short, each run through gives you a different experience making it seem like 5 games in one. I do advise you to buy this game, Because once you beat it once, You will want to finish it 5 more times.

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