unrulyruffian's Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (PC) review

Short but oh so sweet.

If you're like me and don't have a lot fo spare time to sit down and actually play through your games collection, Max Payne 2 is the answer to your prayers. Just like a good short book, it will keep glued to your screen just to see how the plot develops, it's not overly long and each chapter (or level) serves a purpose in revealing the story.

The style of the game is much the same as the first.. gritty, dark with a little toungue in cheek humour here and there for good measure. Particularly worth a mention is the excellent use of the Havoc physics engine which beautifully hurls objects around the screen with gusto. There's nothing quite like diving over a table and watching the room errupt with gunfire, splinters and explosions as the baddies try to 'cap yo ass'.

I really loved this game from start to finish. It's as I'd always imagined how a movie tie in should work. Being entertained by the game itself whilst also being hooked by the plot and wanting to resolve it all to a conclusion (rather than it being an after thought). I strongly reccomend you try this if you love any type of John Woo film (dig those slow motion action scenes) or indeed any sort of action films at all. This will be your dream come true!


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