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The Inherited Mansion

Maximillian Roivas
Having inherited the Roivas estate from his father after his circumspect death in 1760 A.D, Maximillian finds himself in a strange house with no one to keep him company other than his servants whom he respected and generally treated well. Due to this it came to him as a terrible shock when one of his servants suddenly tried to kill him. Worst still after being forced to kill the servant a twisted demon creature erupts from the maids corpse which Maximillian rapidly dispatches. Standing over the dead creature his medical knowledge takes the better of him and Max preforms an autopsy upon the creature. Horrified Max finds that his home is also home to all kinds of twisted horrors and that his house is in fact upon the lost city of Enggha. A city which tens of thousands of years ago was the home of a dominant species other than humans that were more advanced than we are today. The Ancient gods sent their guardians to the city and destroyed it. Later America would settle over the ashes of the lost city.

Casualties of War

A Horror
Reeling from this sudden shock of information Max goes into a fury and kills every single one of his servants, many of whom were innocent and not at all possessed by the demon spies of the ancients. Fearing that if the armies of the ancient city were to ever be reincarnated that the world of men would fall he begins to plan how to destroy the city. The dead corpses of Max's servants are eventually found mutilated due to the autopsies that were preformed upon them. Max tries to convince the world that they need to level the ancient city of Enggha, however his warnings are seen as the ramblings of a mad man. Max is locked up within a mental asylum, doomed to rot there for the rest of his life as he slowly looses more and more of his grip upon reality. 

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