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Overview and Quest

Mei Wong is a 30 year old runaway slave hiding out and trying to live in Rivet City. She was formerly owned by Alistair Tenpenny before she escaped. She is only involved in the unmarked quest "Slave Hunt" and otherwise has no other dialog for the player. The quest "Slave Hunt" will begin when the Lone Wanderer talks to her. She can reveal that she is an escaped slave hiding from slavers and trying to settle down in Rivet City. She is afraid that Sister, a slaver from Paradise Falls, is there to recapture her. Sister is actually there to track down a runaway android in the Replicated Man quest but Mei Wong doesn't know that. At this point the Lone Wanderer has several options on what to do in the quest:
1. Tell Sister about Mei Wong. Learn he doesn't really care. Tell Mei Wong you told him and she freaks out and commits suicide. This gives bad Karma.
2. Kill Sister. This turns the whole of Rivet City, including Mei Wong, hostile to the player. However the player can leave Rivet City and come back in a while and everyone will be not be hostile anymore. This will give the guards angrier dialog because the player killed someone but thanks from my Mei. This choice gives no Karma either way.
3. Mesmerize Mei Wong with the Mesmetron and send her back to Paradise Falls. The player will receive the regular payment for sending a slave, which is 250 caps. Doing this will turn all of Rivet City hostile. This will give the player bad Karma.
4. Give her 25 caps so she can buy a gun. Some bugs may cause her to not actually buy a gun but if she does she will carry around a .32 handgun. Regardless of whether she buys the gun or not she won't have to use it for any scripted combat because there is no combat in this quest, meaning that the only time she would use it is to shoot the player if they cause her to become hostile. This results in positive Karma and Mei Wong will tell you the location of the Temple of the Union.


Her SPECIAL stats are: Strength of 6, Perception of 5, Endurance of 4, Charisma of 4, Intelligence of 4, Agility of 6, and a Luck of 4. 
Mei Wong is voiced by  Shari Elliker
She is a Good Karma character.
Her Base ID is 000156bf
Her Reference ID is 0001e758

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