Trailer from Kojima's PAX Prime 2012 panel

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Official Trailer:

Here it is, with English Subtitles:
and also with Japanese subtitles if you're into that.

Trailer with Extended Gameplay Demonstration

Here is the extended trailer with the gameplay demonstration recorded from the panel, courtesy of IGN who were recording:
and also on YouTube for anyone experiencing issues with the IGN player. 

Full Panel: "Hideo Kojima Introspective: Past, Present, Future of Metal Gear"

The full panel from PAX Prime 2012:
and again on YouTube as well.

What are everyone's thoughts?
To me it looked very good, and had very realistic person movement in those cutscenes.
I guess I really should get to beating Peace Walker, shouldn't I?
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Looks awesome but honestly wouldn't be surprised if this will release on current and next gen consoles. Looks way too good for current gen...

#3 Posted by kollay (1995 posts) -

Well, I just made the most fangirl-y squeal one can make.

#4 Posted by Rabid619 (1124 posts) -

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! Looking really nice so far, though the guy who played for a minute there sucked. Caught by the first enemy? Come on, dude!

I really need to go and finish Peace Walker though, I have it on my Vita all ready to go but I've never actually completed it. I think I'll get on that tonight, after seeing this.

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Apparently this will be released for X360 and PS3? I'm pretty sure that we're looking at a cross-gen release.

#6 Posted by 49th (3128 posts) -

Looks really cool. Can't wait for some more gameplay.

#7 Posted by Demoskinos (16510 posts) -

Uh... still did nothing for me. Dunno we'll see. One thing though absolutely ZERO chance of this being on current hardware. This is going to obviously be a launch title for the new consoles. Also, with assets that crazy Im wondering if a single blu-ray will even be enough?

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Copying over my post from the other trailer thread, which for some reason was outright deleted rather than locked O.o

Well, fuck me. I always love MGS announcements, they're always such an event. At first I could barely believe the graphics, but then I remembered how every major MGS game is always top of the line graphically speaking. I specifically remember being absolutely, positively gob-smacked, and in fact didn't believe what I was seeing, when I first set my eyes on screenshots for MGS2. As for what little gameplay they shown, I really liked the smooth transition between crouched movement to crawling and... well, I guess that's there is to take from it really :P

That can't be the entire thing, though? I definitely recall hearing about a lot more gameplay footage from the 8-4 podcast.

#9 Posted by Maajin (1149 posts) -

This is great. Kojima does fanservice like no one else. Snake/Big Boss' reveal was amazing.

Also, I like how his face is modeled after old Big Boss' at the end of MGS4.

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I read that Kojima said it was "running on PC hardware that was similarly equipped to PS3, and that the final game should closely resemble the demo video." But who knows, all I know is that looked awesome.

#12 Posted by zombie2011 (5291 posts) -

The last minute of it was alright, but everything else was meh.

#13 Posted by HellBrendy (1026 posts) -

Fap fap fap fap

#14 Posted by FilipHolm (689 posts) -

I'm all worked up like I'm 12 again. GTA 5 and this...

#15 Posted by MarkWahlberg (4713 posts) -


Looks cool though. I liked the continuous shot thing, although it made figuring out who is talking a little hard at times just because they barely showed their faces.

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The tech looks amazing, just waiting to see if its all pre-rendered and if its cross platform.

Edit: Just got to the sequence where it switches to real time. Either that is the best looking in game cut scenes or the transition and load between pre-rendered into real time is flawless.

#17 Posted by Special_K (125 posts) -

This looks incredible. Reminds me of that feeling you got seeing the MGS2 trailer for the first time.

#18 Posted by MJHAYLETT (462 posts) -

Well shit its happened again. I think I am done with MGS but it pulls me back in. Curse you Kojima!!!!! :D

#19 Posted by avantegardener (1282 posts) -

Wow, that looked totally dinosaurs.

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Loading Video...
#21 Posted by Fearsome121 (65 posts) -

Oh my... Only a new MGS or maybe HL3 could make me feel this much emotion! I wonder if it will look anything like this on ps3, xbox when it comes out. I'm guessing this is running on a pc, and I'm betting that by the time this comes out, the new consoles will already be here.. But At any rate, it looks fooking awesome!

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@Yummylee said:

That can't be the entire thing, though? I definitely recall hearing about a lot more gameplay footage from the 8-4 podcast.

I was just about to leave a comment about that as well. Definitely not the full demo. Kinda disappointing since I was looking forward to seeing some of that stuff. Instead we only get about a minute of actual gameplay (if that). :(

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I only played 1,2 and 3, never got round to 4 or Peace Walker as I don't have a PS3/PSP. I hope this is on Xbox, as I haven't played a Metal Gear game since MGS3 online!

We don't need more than 30 seconds of gameplay, all we need to know is this is Tactical Espionage Action and not like Metal Gear Rising. Its the story that will be new, im guessing the gameplay will be the same as always.

#24 Posted by Stealthmaster86 (726 posts) -

@AuthenticM said:


Loading Video...

My brain can't handle this much awesome.

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I haven't seen it all, but already I can say I'm nearly at a loss for words because I'm so excited. It's just so amazing. AHHHHHH! :D Also, when you see this, imagine what the end of the console cycle of games will look like. Could the kid be Raiden? At first when I had heard about it, I imagined it could have been Liquid, but now I don't know.

OK, that was amazing. From a graphics stand-point, what made me think damn, was the facial details. I mean, it was... wow. Also, I love how it animates. Looks like I have to beat Peacewalker now.

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@AuthenticM said:


Loading Video...

I can use vehicles now!?!

@MasterRain: I think it would financially sound of konami to release this on as many platforms that can run it without limiting its specs/performance. But if this is a technical demonstration and selling point for next generation hardware, I think Sony would be the ones backing this as a flagship for their Orbis platform.

#28 Posted by hwy_61 (1034 posts) -

It''s glorious. GODDAMN IT I CAN'T WAIT!

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Don't remember what podcast it was, but i think they said that Kojima was playing the demo on a PC with a controller. But i might just be mentally deranged and remember incorrectly. But as someone already mentioned, the visuals are pretty impressive. So if they manage to crank that kind of visuel fidelity out on the current consoles, they sure have some mighty talented people in that company.

EDIT: Actually think it was Weekend Confirmed.

#30 Posted by StriderJ87 (294 posts) -

Honestly, this is all I could have ever asked for and more. Big Boss and his time period has been my favorite since we first saw him in MGS3. The Cold War setting is interesting, and not often used. Big Boss to me is more intriguing as a character then plain old Snake to me, and I love the quazi-futuristic-retro tech.

I have a strong feeling, although with nothing to back it up, that Ground Zeroes will feature the final chapter of the rise of Big Boss, and will lead into MGS5 being an actual remake of MG 1 and MG 2.

#31 Posted by Zella (1029 posts) -

Looks totally awesome, I'm thinking it will probably be just pc/PS3/360 with probably a WiiU version. While it looks really good, the textures are still pretty bad in typical MGS fashion. It's also been said that the trailer/demo was played on a PC so it could be on current gen consoles just with lesser graphics than what was shown.

#32 Posted by BabyChooChoo (5486 posts) -

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, from now on every game needs to pull the "BITCH, YOU THOUGHT THIS WAS A CUTSCENE?!?! THIS SHIT IS RENDERED IN REAL TIME, SON! GET HYPE!" move in their trailers now.

Also, I am really, really excited and I don't even like MGS that much.

#33 Posted by DocHaus (1760 posts) -

omigodomigodomigod THANK YOU BASED KOJIMA

#34 Edited by Encephalon (1439 posts) -

Seems neat, but it's just not doing it for me. I guess I'd much rather see Kojima leave Metal Gear behind entirely and make a whole new crazy world.

Also, I'm kinda bummed out that this is Big Boss. I can see MGS falling into Kingdom Hearts territory where they're constantly backfilling their own fiction and lose all forward momentum in the process.

#35 Posted by WarlordPayne (712 posts) -

That trailer they released to the public did nothing for me. Those extra three minutes in the leaked footage was very impressive however.

#36 Posted by AuthenticM (4250 posts) -

Holy FUCK guys, Kojima has said that this game is a PROLOGUE TO MGS5 !! What the fuck!?

#37 Posted by Wong_Fei_Hung (735 posts) -

Cools! Looking forward to meeting him on the 27h

#38 Posted by Liquidus (959 posts) -

@kollay said:

Well, I just made the most fangirl-y squeal one can make.

Dude same here. I wasn't that excited for this game but my GOD THAT TRAILER WAS INCREDIBLE!

#39 Posted by Liquidus (959 posts) -

@AuthenticM said:

Holy FUCK guys, Kojima has said that this game is a PROLOGUE TO MGS5 !! What the fuck!?

I'm gonna say that "MGS5" is a remake of MG1 and MG2.

#40 Posted by FilipHolm (689 posts) -

@kollay said:

Well, I just made the most fangirl-y squeal one can make.

#41 Edited by Stete (784 posts) -

I doubt it would look this good on a 360/PS3. Hopefully they'll release a pc version of this.

Also I know this is an MGS game, but come on, 10 minutes of cutscenes and less than a minute of gameplay where nothing happens? Jeez.

#42 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12052 posts) -

Looks INSANE! I cannot wait!

#43 Posted by Phatmac (5923 posts) -

Hoping to see some more gameplay. Like others have said this is probably a next gen game that'll probably be released on the PS3. I'm glad to be back in the role of Big Boss though.

#44 Posted by FilipHolm (689 posts) -

@AuthenticM said:

Holy FUCK guys, Kojima has said that this game is a PROLOGUE TO MGS5 !! What the fuck!?

That man is insane in all the right ways.

#45 Posted by DeeGee (2177 posts) -

This looks amazing.

#46 Posted by AuthenticM (4250 posts) -

@Stete: check the video on page 2.

#47 Posted by Pie (7226 posts) -

This looks damn awesome.

#48 Posted by TheHT (12665 posts) -

That song is amazing!

#49 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19824 posts) -

@Demoskinos said:

One thing though absolutely ZERO chance of this being on current hardware. This is going to obviously be a launch title for the new consoles.

Well, that's foolish.

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Also no bandanna! Does such a moment where he stops wearing it occur in Peace Walker, or is that totally new? Considering what that bandanna means to him and its relation to The Boss, I'd expect it's a pretty big deal that he's shown bandanna-less.

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