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The Meteo Crusher is the boss of Meteo in Star Fox 64.  The only characterization of the boss is from the unnamed pilot. He uses plenty of sarcasm with a snobbish voice and demonstrates underhanded tactics by pretending to surrender when the Meteo Crusher is at half health. His dialogue changes slightly depending on how many wingmen the player has at the time.
The battle against the Meteo Crusher has two phases. The first phase deals with the back of the crusher which is equipped with a shield that absorbs laser fire. After destroying several yellow glowing weak spots the crusher will flip over and face the player with the front of the ship. During the second phase it has several new attacks like a ring laser and a stockpile of missiles. Defeating the Meteo Crusher will let players continue to Fortuna.

Player's Guide Information

The Nintendo player's guide explains that this oddly shaped machine is used to clean up space lanes blocked by asteroids and junk. It says that Andross built it in order to clear a path through the Meteo asteroid field and provide a clear route of attack to Corneria. In the game, it gets no such explanation.

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