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The Vibrant Rebirth of a Classic Game 0

Until I borrowed a copy of Metroid: Zero Mission, the only Metroid game I'd ever played in any great detail was Metroid Prime on the Gamecube.  Even before Prime I knew Metroid well by reputation, though: its use of special items to gain access to new areas previously inaccessible wasn't the first such design, but its platformer accessibility helped make the name Metroid itself synonymous with that idea.  Watching someone do a run-through of Super Metroid I had the urge to see where the franchis...

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Metroid: Zero Mission - A Twice Told Tale 0

Metroid: Zero Mission is a nice package deal for anybody interested in GBA collecting. It includes both the original Metroid (presumably identical to the prior release in the Classics series) and the modernized retelling of same. Controls and graphics have been updated to match the likes of Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, but unlike the latter game, the developers included a number of "sequence breaks" which had prior been a staple of the franchise's most devoted fans.The plot is fairly spart...

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How Remakes Ought To Be Done 0

Yoshio Sakamoto, after a successful return to the Metroid series with Metroid Fusion, brought even more love to the GameBoy Advance with Metroid Zero Mission, a remake of the one that started it all.  Game design philosophy, let alone the technology, had changed dramatically during the 20 year span between the original and the remake, but the fundamental ideas are still as green as ever.  The combination of traditional and progressive design results in a 2D action game that retains ...

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Not-Quite-20th Anniversary Celebration 0

Those of you old enough to remember playing the original Metroid (kindergarten graduation!), will notice many references to the original and also recognize many of the locales.  But don't think the game is over with Mother Brain, because it's not.  This is no simple remake.  It seems that in the grand story of Samus Aran, the original NES Metroid was a summarized version of history while Zero Mission goes into a little more detail about what happened before, during, and after the Mother Bra...

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There still is some Metroid in it, but lacks athmosphere 0

 Metroid Zero Mission is a remake of the original Metroid from the NES that was released some years after Metroid Fusion. Aside from the first few rooms and the boss fight against Mother Brain however, there really isn't all that much noticable reassemblence to the original NES Metroid. This is especially true since you are given almost all the weapons from Super Metroid, which in turn change the flow of the game quite a bit compared to the NES original.In terms of overall game mechanics it basi...

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Exploring Samus Aran's zero mission through a prettier lense. 0

Controlled by the Mother Brain, a band dubbed the Space Pirates attacked the Galactic Federation stealing creatures called Metroids, which are very dangerous organisms that latch onto their victims sucking away their life energy, killing them in the process. They seek to mass produce them for the purpose of using them as weapons. The Federation turns to the inter-galactic bounty hunter Samus Aran, to infiltrate their planet Zebes and kill the Mother Brain. -summaryMetroid: Zero Mission was relea...

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Metroid: Symphony of the Fight! 0

Super Metroid! There's a double meaning to behind those words: Super Metroid for the SNES was a phenomenal game in its own right, but was also one of the best SNES games ever made. Metroid: Zero Mission builds on that same, excellent gameplay which is still as fun as a first time through the original Super Metroid. The graphics are quite reminiscent of the SNES game, but have been improved for the 32-bit platform of the GBA. The images and animation are sharp, and the effects are what you have ...

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A Screw Attack to the Cerebral Cortex 0

Go immediately left from at the start of Metroid: Zero Mission and you’ll find the Morph Ball upgrade exactly where it was in the original Metroid. The remake modernizes the first adventure of galactic bounty hunter Samus Aran, bringing it to the standards set by one of the greatest games of all time: Super Metroid.The game from there applies the legendary SNES classics structure as Samus navigates the depths of the planet Zebes, finding new weapons that allow her to go further, tearing through ...

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Metroid Zero Mission 1

Metroid: Zero Mission is a remake of the original game and a very good one at that. All of the original and newer bosses, weapons, levels, and that classic feeling of exploration made their way into this game. For what is it worth (probably $20 at your local Gamespot/EB) this game is amazing! Now, many people will tell you that the game is short; 3-5 hours the first time through. In fact, I will tell you, "Yeah, the game is short." But... If you want to collect all of the extras, you'll find ...

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