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Upgraded from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers video game, there are now 2 planes that the player can fight on. With the simple press of a button, the character flips to the top or bottom of the stage.

- A special meter is now filled up by gathering "z" pickups that a fallen enemy drops. When the meter is filled, the character can "morph" into their ranger suite, bringing their health bar back to 100% and being able to deal more damage than in their normal form. This is different from the original game in that there were set points in the level where the character would "morph"

Playable Characters

The White Ranger - Tommy Oliver

The Red Ranger - Rocky DeSantos

The Pink Ranger - Kimberly Hart

The Black Ranger - Adam Park

The Blue Ranger - Billy Cranston

The Yellow Ranger - Aisha Campbell

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