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The Sega CD got a rock solid port of Mortal Kombat 0

I just want to say from the very beginning that I'm going to compare the Sega CD version to the Genesis version so if your looking for a absolutely full review then I suggest reading my review of the Sega CD version and reading a detailed review that someone else made of the Genesis version.Game play: 4The Sega CD port of Mortal Kombat is pretty straight forward so things that didn't need changing didn't get changed. So since the game play of the Genesis version was a lot more true to the arcade...

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So much potential but nothing was executed well 0

If I was to ask anyone whos reading this review what they thought of the original Mortal Kombat most of you if not all of you would say that its just an amazing game with good fighting mechanics, good digitized graphics, sound, and would say that the gore is...well just great in a not psychotic way.Game Play: 1.5When you pop this game into the Game Boy you may be shocked to see how it plays, just so bad that its actually hard to classify this Mortal Kombat game as a fighting game. Sure this is t...

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Mortal Kombat is very bloody and very fun 0

Mortal Kombat is like your typical fighting game, where you go one on one until the timer runs out or the first person to have their health drained. Your attacks are punch, kick, and you can execute special moves for each character by doing a button combination, and/or a sweep of the d pad.   On single player you pick your character and go through a battle tower fighting opponents until you reach the top, which can be pretty difficult. Then you verse Goro the only boss in the game, who is fairly...

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shaokahn2k mk2 reviiew 0

It was the best game of was a revolutionary game which gave a new direction of fighting games.The graphics ware outstanding and realistic.The game had a unique fighting system.In edition the game contained impressive scenes of violins and gore.very classic stages.Mortal kombat  has started the rating board.every fighter has unique special moves and fatalities. The game was very interesting and has a lasting appeal.The game was enjoyable for all and sundry.The game break new grounds and w...

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