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Ok mount and blade warband i didnt know a single thing about this game before i bought it and i have no idea what made me buy it, but i am glad i did. 
This game will not stun you with graffix and still seems like a work in progress (honestly) the game starts out by asking you a few questions and depending on how you answer you will start out looking differnt and have differnt skills or arms now bam you start off in a town and have a single enemy to kill and then this guy comes and gives you quests he is basically the tutorial (for the game to fight and stuff is on the main menu)  after a little bit of that then your on your own, you can become a merc, a vassle, or a king if you so choose however these roads are not simple nor are they easy in any way i been playing this game legitly for 40 hours + and well...i still have not got my own kingdom so then i used cheats just to see how it would work well the game is a lot easyer but its still hard as hell to make your own kingdom taking land from someone means war, and other nations declar war just for fun and lets just say 1203 vs 100 is impossible since there is no invincibility cheat and even if there was they would mob you so you couldent even swing your sword 
the game is also littered with looters, bandits, and deserters that you can choose to pummle hell if you wish you can even atk farmers or caravans, all have there own loot and troop types. another thing this game dose not have many troop types mainly just infantry, archers of some sort (includes crossbows) and calvery which includes horse archers all can work to there own advantage horsemen are devestating when charging (not on the game the developer put out there modual is kinda...retarded look at the website for mods which make the game better) archers can defend a castly really well and infantry the backbone to any army. 
There also is a currency system which i accidently found out like when i starting cheating i spend around 78K in 1 town well that town got hellishly rich and then produced for soldiers fit to kick other armys asses which made the game unfair.  
Also are you a modder? if so this game is perfect for you the develpers totally  encurage mods on there own game hell...you might even become a developer of there next game or at least a beta/alpha/moderater/anything
all and all this game is a great game it feels classic and there is no magic, i totally recomend this game 
Great game overall 
Fun and addictive 
Lots of stuff and options 
Become king enough said 
Spelling errors here and there 
Graffix glitches here and there 
Some quests are still not implemented :( 
Not many troop types

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