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A low-level boss in Imperishable Night, and one of the many playable characters in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Mystia is a night sparrow youkai whose songs cause night-blindness and confusion in humans.  Despite being a weak, stage two boss, she is overconfident in her abilities, and loves to attack humans as night draws near and her powers are at their strongest. She is always singing, and very troublesome to humans, using her power to cause them to become lost and confused long before they can even see her.  During the day, however, she is considerably weaker. 
Among youkai, Mystia's songs are quite popular with the young, although the older youkai tend to consider that music was better in their youth.


  • She also operates a food stand which sells grilled lamprey, a food traditionally considered to improve night vision.  After she attacks a human, she forces them to buy grilled lamprey from her.
  • She also wanted to undermine the popularity of grilled chicken, since she is a bird herself.  
  • Aya agreed that lamprey was better than chicken, although she is also a sort of bird as well, and has somewhat dubious journalistic integrity. 
  • She gets eaten by the ghost princess Yuyuko during the events of Imperishable Night.
  • The notion of a night sparrow causing night-blindness stems from Japanese folklore.

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