starwindx9's Operation Darkness (Xbox 360) review

More frustration than challenge.

    This game caught my interest as it seemed similar the Front Mission series, sadly, this frustrating SRPG is not just difficult it is borderline broken. The story is weak, as is the voice acting, it is just enough to keep you playing, but it is far from satisfying. So this is where the game play should make up for it, but honestly it doesn't. The battle system is boring and leads to long and mostly annoying battles. The cover system fails to add strategy to this game. All in all, I would pass on this game unless you are a die hard JRPG fan. The only reason I gave it two stars, was due to the fact I couldn't put it down when I first picked it up. The later levels are flat out punishing and will keep non dedicated players from even getting half way through the story and honestly, they aren't missing much. Play the demo and decide for yourself, but there are way too many good games out to bother with this one.

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Posted by lordbadr

When I played the demo of this game, although the game mechanics were a bit different, it wasnt that bad.

I have to agree with you, though that although the game is nothing out of these world, the gameplay mechanics make it difficult to enjoy.  It feels like an old pc game running on a superfast computer.

I bought it for $10 from the bestbuy games sale they had this past sunday.  I dont regret buying it but I am glad i didnt pay $40 for it either.

Too bad because Atlus generally makes good games.

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