What OS do you run? (2012-2013 update)

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The Linux distros included are those which are currently the most popular according to distrowatch.com. I went back into old versions within reason, to around mid-2010 releases for each.

And I just noticed that this poll was my 1,000th forum post.

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I selected Mac OS X Mountain Lion because it's the one I use most, but I also have Windows 7 on my desktop PC that I use from time to time (mainly for gaming). I did dual boot Mac OS X and Linux Mint Katya for a while, but I didn't use Mint all that often so I deleted it.

#4 Posted by Toxeia (744 posts) -

Running Windows 8. Despite all the yang people talk about it I love it. I also rock openSUSE and some Ubuntu for class stuff.

#5 Posted by _Chad (999 posts) -

Windows 8 on my laptop and Windows 7 on my desktop.

#6 Posted by believer258 (12857 posts) -

Windows 7 at the moment. I didn't want to partition my hard drive but I'm thinking pretty hard about having a Ubuntu partition to use for schoolwork because, guess what, games are distracting.

#7 Posted by Kerned (1183 posts) -

Snow Leopard for life! (Or at least until Apple gives me a reason to upgrade.)

#8 Posted by billyhoush (1236 posts) -

Macbook is my everyday computer which runs Snow Leopard and Windows 7 (wondering if Win8 runs better on older hardware) and my workstation iMac is running Mountain Lion.

I mainly game on a PS3.

#9 Posted by Zelyre (1379 posts) -

Win7 Ultimate on the gaming PC

Win7 Pro on my server

Win7 Pro on my XPS 13

10.7, Win7 Pro in Parallels, Ubuntu in Parallels, Win7 Pro in bootcamp on my Macbook Pro.

10.8 WinXP and Win7 Pro on my Mac Pro at work.

XBMCBuntu on my HTPC.

Yay, computers!

#10 Posted by JJOR64 (19553 posts) -

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

#11 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2532 posts) -

Just updated to windows 8 an hour ago.

#12 Posted by mlarrabee (3227 posts) -

@yoshimitz707: And I just bought it; now to wait for the download. Hopefully Apple's Bootcamp drivers play nicely...

#13 Posted by _Zombie_ (1473 posts) -

Windows 7. Gonna stick with it as long as possible.

#14 Posted by Laurentech (129 posts) -

I'm running Win7. I hear Win8 is pretty good, but there isn't much point in upgrading until I get new hardware. Whenever I do, I think I might use the old machine to check out Linux. Mac OS can suck it.

#15 Posted by Nightriff (6370 posts) -

I use my Mac the most and I didn't update to Mountain Lion so I'm still using basic Lion.

Rocking Windows 7 on the PC with no desire to upgrade.

#16 Posted by BestUsernameEver (5026 posts) -

That's a lot of OS's.

#17 Posted by BaconGames (3775 posts) -

Man if you asked like a month ago I could have been the one Vista user still truckin'. I upgraded to Windows 8 and I have to say I like it a lot. Transition was a little funky at times but it's been a while since there have been any issues.

#18 Posted by Slay3r1583 (677 posts) -

Windows XP is my primary OS.

I also have a laptop that has Vista on it.

#19 Posted by Sin4profit (3184 posts) -

Windows 8 - i actually have my PC set to duel boot with Win7 but Win7 is a drag for me at this point. If you run multi monitors Windows 8 is fantastic and 7 is hard to go back to.

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Windows 7 on my tower, plans to install windows 8 for my laptop. I have it at work and despite all the hate it's pretty interesting. There are some quirks with it, but people seem to mostly just hate the fact that it's not the same windows has been for 8 million years.

So...Windows 7.

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Windows 8. Runs a bit faster than 7, don't really give many shits about any other changes, but I don't mind some of the metro apps (the skype app, for example, I actually prefer to the desktop app; it's more navigable, and less laden with useless, over-beveled, undersized toolbars).

#22 Posted by Skald (4394 posts) -

I'm using Mountain Lion right now, which I think runs pretty well. I like it a lot better than Lion, which I saw as a regression coming from Snow Leopard, which itself wasn't a big improvement over Leopard.

I occasionally use Windows, inasmuch as it allows me to access my Steam games.

Also, I've never even heard of Megeia Linux. Must be for super hipsters.

#23 Posted by Zaccheus (1833 posts) -

I mainly run Snow Leopard, but I have Windows 7 installed on boot camp.

#24 Posted by BlatantNinja23 (928 posts) -

main pc has windows 8, but i use my macbook pro with mountain lion almost as much

#25 Posted by Vexxan (4625 posts) -

Windows 7 on my desktop and XP on my laptop.

#26 Posted by jeffrud (473 posts) -

Ubuntu 12.04 primary, Win7 secondary on my desktop, and 12.04 on my netbook (though I'm looking at installing #! in the near future).

#27 Posted by frankfartmouth (1048 posts) -

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 is my primary but I also have a dual boot setup with XP because there's a few critical older games that I still need it to play.

#28 Posted by Otacon (2252 posts) -

I'm all about the mountain lions.

#29 Posted by Vao (339 posts) -

My gaming desktop still has windows 7 on it, didn't really want to switch till i figured out how win8 stands multiscreen setups,

I payed the 15 dollars for the upgrade to win8 on my beefy laptop and so far I'm liking it, the meto apps are alright and you can completely avoid them if you want with a launcher app,

-I also have a destro of Mint13 partition on my laptop for when i feel like playing that game.

#30 Posted by SharkEthic (1084 posts) -

Fedora 17 on my private laptop, Windows 7 at work and on my gaming PC.

#31 Posted by JasonR86 (10007 posts) -

I run Windows 7 64-bit and don't plan on changing any time soon. Also I know about half of those OS'.

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I have a dual boot of Windows 7 and Windows 8 on one drive and on my second hdd I have my Mountain Lion Hackintosh up and running.

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Let's see...

Windows 8 Gaming Desktop.

Windows 8 HTPC.

Windows 7 Netbook (ugh, I know).

OS X Lion (not Mountain Lion) Macbook Pro 13" with a dual-boot of Windows 7.

A Raspberry Pi with Raspbian.

A defunct half-broken Thinkpad T61 with Vista.

My old Desktop waiting to be turned into a more capable HTPC running.... nothing at all.

I don't see how this is a single-answer question for anyone.

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Windows 7 Home Premium on both laptop and desktop. I've seen no reason to upgrade to 8.

#35 Posted by BiG_Weasel (566 posts) -

Upgraded to W8 for $15 since I got a new PC and Microsoft had such a good offer on it. Loving it so far, and having no driver issues, etc.

#36 Posted by Vextroid (1463 posts) -

Just recently upgraded to Windows 8 because why the f' not.

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Windows 7. I don't care for metro and my OS boots in 2 seconds (ASRock instant boot) so I don't really see a reason to upgrade right now.

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Windows 7 forever hopefully!

#39 Posted by Amafi (1021 posts) -

Windows 8 x3, ubuntu 12.04 server and raspxbmc at the moment.

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