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PokéPark Fishing Rally DS is a simple fishing simulation game that was offered at the PokéPark in Japan from May 10th to September 25th, 2005. It is not uncommon for the PokéPark to have short downloadable games, however there are no plans for wide release or a release outside of Japan.


Casting the line.

The gameplay is simple: You begin with a view of the river and the sea, your two fishing areas. You can use the D-Pad to move the Super Rod from left to right, and press A to cast the line. Where shadows appear in the water on the top screen is where you are to aim. Once you have cast the line, the float will appear in the water, and the aquatic Pokémon will try to grab it. When the float begins to shake, mash A quickly to try and catch it! If you hit A fast enough, then you get to keep the Pokémon, otherwise you have to try again.

Available Pokémon

Other Mechanics

A captured Seaking.
Pokémon ranked by score.

As the game was released more than a year before Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, you cannot transfer the Pokémon you caught into your regular game. You can however view a number of statistics on your new water Pokémon. Each Pokémon you catch is rated in three categories: Level, Weight, and Rarity. A combination of the three figures results in a score for each.

Once your score has been determined, you can hook up with your friends via wireless and compare scores! You can store up to 5 Pokémon at a time to view later and enter into the ranking. Each captured Pokémon is ranked and the top 50 best captures are shown. Like all DS Download Play content, the game will be deleted as soon as the DS is shut off, along with all of your capture data.

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