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Mediocre Gameplay, Fantastic Narrative 0

Poker Night at the Inventory is a poker game developed by Telltale, which drops you into a seat at one of the world’s most secretive gambling dens, and lets you face off against four famous characters from video games and the internet in a good old-fashioned game of no-holds-barred Texas Hold ‘Em. Considering that Telltale first got their start with a poker game back in 2004, it’s not surprising that six years later one of the most notable poker-based video games on the market has been developed...

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No good poker, some good laughs 2

Poker night at the inventory  is a great concept, and you can get it for cheap. And I wont lie, I love Telltale as much as anyone.  But the AI will bet randomly no matter what cards they have. Its like playing a kindergarten. They will make huge raises, only to fold the same hand seconds later. There is no strategy, it becomes a very slow game of pure luck. But you didn't come here for the poker, right? Well, the dialogue, while occasionally funny, gets repetitive pretty fast. I also met a few ...

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I will call your bluff 0

Will admit this straight away. I am not really a good poker player. In the company this game offers I don't really need to be either. When playing against people you never know what to expect and too often you end up leaving the table with less money you started with. Well not with this game. Telltale have taken Texas Hold'em with a all-star cast and planted these to a fictional bar called The Inventory. The cast consist of Max, Strong Bad, Heavy from Team Fortress and Tycho. This seems l...

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arbayer2 Reviews: Poker Night at the Inventory (PC) 0

This game, for being so badass a concept, is totally worth the measly 5 bucks it cost. I mean, how the hell can you go wrong with Max, Tycho, Strong Bad and the Heavy, with the most simple yet robust version of virtual Texas Hold 'Em I've seen yet? I mean, hell, it may not be saying much but this game taught me more about the game than anything else. The irreverent, crude humor and just overall FUN totally make it worth the 5-spot. I heartlily recommend you check it out, if not for the game itse...

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Poker Night at the Inventory Review 0

Poker Night at the Inventory is a computer game brought to you by Tell Tale Games. You will get to play Texas Hold'em against some recognizable icons. Those of course would be Max (Sam & Max), Strong Bad (Homestarrunner), The Heavy (Team Fortress 2), and Tycho (Penny Arcade). You have all been invited to an underground tournament where you will have to pit your skills against one another. Done in the comedic formula that sets Tell Tale Games apart don't be surprised if there are some zingers...

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