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King Tricky, from Star Fox Assault.

Prince Tricky is a dinosaur in the Earth Walker tribe in Star Fox Adventures. He is the son King and Queen Earth Walker, making him Prince of the Earth Walker Tribe. His largest role is during the events of Star Fox Adventures, where he serves as a companion of Fox McCloud during the majority of the game. Fox saves Tricky from the Sharp Claw tribe (ruled by General Scales), and Tricky decided to help out Fox for the rest of the adventure.

Tricky has a variety of abilities, all fueled by Grub Tubs (a type of mushroom). These abilities are, at many times, required to continue in the game. Some of his abilities include digging holes, breathing fire, opening up small holes, and fetching a ball. After Fox and Tricky saved Sauria (Tricky's home planet), Tricky was given an honorary position in the Star Fox team.

Tricky matured and grew up to become King. He appeared in Star Fox Assault when Sauria was being attacked by the Aparoids. Fox and the rest of the Star Fox team came to defeat the Aparoids, and after doing so, visited with Tricky. Tricky was excited to see his good friend Fox, as well as Krystal. Fox convinced Tricky to fix Sauria, and Tricky commented that Fox and Krystal could come back for their honeymoon, embarrassing Fox (due to his feelings towards Krystal). Tricky also appeared as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

There is debate on whether or not Prince Tricky shares an identity with Tricky Triceratops from Diddy Kong Racing. While they differ in appearance (Tricky from Diddy Kong Racing has the three horns of a triceratops, while Tricky from Star Fox does not), Rare stated in an edition of their Scribes mailbag that "in a sense, they are the same." Star Fox Adventures began as a Diddy Kong Racing sequel in early development, which means the two dinos may have more of a connection than just a sharing of names.

Prince Tricky is voiced by Hirohiko Kakegawa.

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