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Fuck, people are actually complaining about the graphics? On PC with high settings it looks a dream.

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@kishinfoulux: Press 'E' or the alternative to 'get in/out vehicle' on whatever you're playing, after dropping the hang glider. You have to be going level (holding down on the analog stick) to be able to land.

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I'm about 5 hours into the game and lost every single named/class soldier. I have 6 soldiers left, all at starting level. Is it even worth me carrying on this save?

I was doing a basic mission, kill a few guys, dont die. Except my guys missed the kill a few guys bit which let to them not doing the dont die bit. My best sniper who was almost max level missed every shot during the entire level, nearly always above 50% with a few at 80+%, which led to her dying. Once she died, the rest wasted since they were on the front line.

Shall I just restart? I quit the game straight after out of rage and cant be bothered to play if I'm gonna lose every level with some shit soldiers.

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Do what I do. Swap hands. I find it easier, wierdly. Don't ask me why.

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@nickux said:

I tend to enjoy things whether it's a game, book, etc. one at a time, as they come. So if I start a game, I don't play anything else until it's done. Likewise with books. I just find it helps me stick with things until they're finished, giving each experience my undivided attention. As far as time spent playing in one sitting, it depends on the game. I put some serious 10-hour chunks into Skyrim but also snack on games like Rayman Origins, a few levels here and there.

I do but for a different reason. Example: Fallout 3. I played for about 20 hours, still loads to do, but then got a new game. When I went back to Fallout 3 I had NO idea what I was doing, where I was, what I was doing next etc so I just started a game. So basically 20 hours wasted.

Same with a book. If I leave it and come back, I dont have a fucking clue what was happening. Which reminds me, I haven't finished reading my new book...

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I so wanna play this game. I absolutely adore tactical shooter/sims; whatever the fuck you wanna call them. But unfortunately I have nothing to play it on...

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I preferred the old one. This new one seems slower and less responsive (if that makes sense).

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It'll begin soon with Farmville 2.

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@paulwade1984 said:

That's some awesome journalism Patrick.

I especially like the part where all you do is look in your inbox and there is the story right there already written for you.

Come on Patrick. You just copied and pasted a pr press release from respawn entertainments lawyers.

What did you want him to do? Completely ignore it because he didn't sneak into a warehouse and get the information himself that was locked in a safe and guarded 24/7?

He's been given a story, and used it.

That's like someone winning the lottery from a ticket they found on the ground, and telling them they're not allowed it because they didn't do the numbers themselves.