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Well Heaven is the place where you don't get raped by demons in a pool of lava, so that place.
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Very good read and I loved the pictures. I also enjoyed how much you stress that this game is fun and that's what it's all about.
However, from what I've seen of this game, I find this statement:

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People are crazy on that game and if you don't know what you're doing you'll be ripped apart, literally.

..hard to believe.

So please elaborate. How does an arena shooter where you run around a rather small map blocked all around, blasting big fat dudes in the face/ass, require that much skill, and what do you mean by "if you don't know what you're doing" ? Is there that much to do, and does that have a lot of depth? Do enlighten me, I'm actually asking not being sarcastic.

By not knowing what you're I doing I'm referring to the people who are new and tend to go out by themselves to do whatever. People in this game are kinda crazy at destroying people who are not paying attention to what's going on around them. If you stay out in the open long enough, you'll be sniped, blown up, or just shot down by Lancer fire. The skill part to the game is about staying alive longer.

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@McGhee: The game is awesome with 4 player coop.

@PollySMPS: You're right, all of the vehicle stuff in the past games sucked. There's one on rail sequence in Gears 3 and it's way better and surprisingly fun.


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I'd buy that for a dollar!!!
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@Tireyo643: Ya I guess I could easily do that because most of this blog basically acts as a review. Actually I think I'm going to do a write up about all of the 3 Gears games sometime.

@Dany: Not gonna lie, Skyrim is a really, really good game. If it wasn't for my love of Gears's multiplayer I would have easily picked Skyrim for GoTY.

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Skyrim crossed me, I had to finally move back to PC thanks to the single digit framerate on 360. Goddamnit.

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$10? No thank you.

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I just put up a blog containing my GoTY.

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I'm not ready.