Coin-Op Vignettes

These are going to be specific memories of old coin-op games I played or hovered around as a kid. I wonder if I would have been so eager to play these games if I knew the deck was often stacked against you, and that some machines raised their difficulty if you were successful without dying, such that it was basically impossible to finish the damned things on one life. Still, you went to the arcade, even when consoles were around, because you knew you'd see a spectacle that you couldn't get anywhere else. Eventually consoles overran the arcades and I'm glad for it, since I believe it helped games grow up a bit, but there's something about just diving in and risking a bit of money to try to get a high score that still appeals to me.

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I'm a Wizard, and I need food badly. Gave a new meaning to "quarter-muncher". The Rolling Thunder "hoods" are perhaps one of the most iconic enemies of that era. A very slick game that had a passable sequel.

Popeye was good in the arcade, but also quite nicely done (as my rosy memory recalls) on the 8-bit Atari. That, Donkey Kong Jr., and Star Raiders were never far from my 600XL. In the arcade, DKJr was the very first game that forced me to use a joystick with my left hand. So often the buttons were mirrored, if a machine even had any, and as a 5 year old I just used my dominant right hand for controls. I still play Pac-man better with my right.

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@Brackynews: Atari 8-bit was where arcade ports really started to work. It's a pity the 5200 had such legendarily bad controls, or they might have done much better with that format. We had DKJ on our 8-bit and that was pretty fun. It had all the levels, too, as far as I know. I liked that crawling up one rope was safer but not as fast.
Was interesting how the Hoods sorta melted when they died. I guess that was a more elegant way to get rid of bodies than just have them go transparent and disappear.
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For some reason I feel the need to upvote any list that references Hawk the Slayer. I'm a walking stereotype.

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@Mento: At least you've made your peace with your stereotypedness. I'm still having trouble accepting that I'm a geek, despite my flagrant wearing of white socks.