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This is all the stuff I actually bought from GOG.com, not the titles labeled as "free." This includes limited-time offers or whatever.

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Posted by HaroldoNVU

Here's goblins 3. Nice collection on GOG. I usually avoid telling people how to spend their money but if haven't checked them out I suggest The Longest Journey and Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. They're in my opinion the best adventure games on GOG's catalogue. It's possible that you already have TLJ from another digital distribution service or even a physical working copy but GK1 is a GOG exclusive if I'm not mistaken.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@HaroldoNVU: I'm not sure which Gabriel Knight game I have on disc, but I definitely have the first Longest Journey lying around here on disc somewhere waiting to be finished.  Both good suggestions though, and I welcome more if you ever come up with any.  I'm still not very clear on which GK game does what, since I heard the tone between games switched about rather dramatically.
You have many games through GOG?

Posted by HaroldoNVU

Only a few at the moment. Myst ME, The incredible Machine Megapack, Sanitarium,  Gabriel Knight 1 & 2, Simon the Sorcerer and The Longest Journey (which I also have on DVD). Also got Tex Murphy 1+2 and Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games from giveaways. I'm planning on getting a few more during the holiday sales, mostly old sierra adventure games and both Dark Fall games they have.
As for Gabriel Knight, I can't tell much at the moment as I'm still halfway through the second and never played the third. I loved Sins of the Fathers, though. The second, Beast Within has a much more simpler gameplay that in my opinion isn't nearly as rewarding as the first one. Also I'm very fond of the visual style of the first game which reminds me of Fate of Atlantis while the second is FMV.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@HaroldoNVU: I think Fate of Atlantis and the like are in the sweet spot between a good amount of color and expressive but not unnecessarily detailed figures and shapes.  So I take that as high praise for the first GK :) It's too bad the FMV craze hit when it did; I think game artistry was reaching interesting peaks then.
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