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RIP champ.

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I have never heard of UGO.... ever. WTF is a "major" gaming site doing not on my radar? I guess that explains why it's been shut down.

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I hope the days of using violent acts in video games as a crutch for game play are numbered. I hope they start finding new ways to entertain using the medium on a wide scale. Just listing off a few downloadable games or Indies isn't enough. Have a look at the local EB, most of it revolves around violence and criminality. I'm not saying there is no room for it, but have some balance. If the movie industry was skued like this you'd only see 1000s of predators, a few any given Sundays, with the odd fast and the furious.

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@zels: It will end up being the usual rock star piss take.

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@KrataurI'm pretty sure it pre installs it, steam style, if you pre-order.

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That darker haired Vinnie is perfect, the sunnies make it. Patrick and Brad are cool too.

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This is basically a thinner 4s. I really think apple is losing its mojo. I do like the black aluminium antenna though, much more sleek. But the edges still piss me off, when in my pocket.

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Well this is probably the most stupid thing I've heard in a long time. C'mon guys, this is an illegal activity in every country on earth. BI have got a lot of explaining to do, or there has been a mix up.

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Yeah this guy ain't at Kittyhawk, he's working Los Alamos. If he doesn't realise his work will lead to piracy he's a fool.

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You know what gets me? How many times have you people who are bitching PAID for a NEW version for, playstation, DS, Wii, PSN/XBLA of some game that came out on the SNES, Mega Drive or Gameboy 20 fucking years a go? that's right lots, why is this ANY different? UMD is a dead format as is the Gameboy and the Mega Drive, the N64, GDROM or many other proprietary formats. Sony doesn't owe it too you, they owe it to THEMSELVES and their thousands of employees to not go fucking bankrupt.

The level of entitlement you 'people' have is astounding. I bet you are all American too. Get a better job, or cut back on something else, OR KEEP YOUR FUCKING PSP!